I am a BUSY MOM, just like you...

...and I get it.



- You want a healthier life

-You want to do better

- You are frustrated falling into old habits

- You can see that healthy life in your head but don't know where to begin

- Getting started feels out of reach

-You can't imagine being able to fit it all into your busy schedule

But I figured out how to make healthy living a part of my busy life step by step.

If I can do it, you can do it.


You can do this just like I did:

One healthy step at a time.


Break healthy living into manageable, bite-sized pieces.


You don't have to toss out everything you are doing and start from scratch,

(that never works).

You don't have to give up all your favorite treats overnight

(that never works either).

You don't have to begin a strict, restrictive diet

            (that never works and actually usually backfires). 


If you are looking to build a healthier lifestyle for you and your family and do it in a realistic way for busy moms,

then you are in the right place. 


Your healthy life is closer than you think

Just take one healthy step at a time. 

I didn't always have the "healthy thing" figured out...


So, check this out...

Picture me in my adorable little fixer-upper in NJ on a sweltering hot day in July 2007. Completely oblivious of how my world was about to get turned upside down. 

The "upside down thing" happened when I found out I was going to have a baby. And that is exactly when my head began spinning and I was immediately totally overwhelmed with 1,000 emotions.  (Then the planning set in.)


My first thought —  this must be the healthiest pregnancy possible.  Of course, right? Then the realization crept in of how little I actually knew about food and nutrition.  I had given some thought to learning more about food once my hubby and I decided it might be time to start a crew of our very own little humans. But at this point I was pretty sure I hadn't learned nearly enough. Not to mention how confused I could get with so many conflicting messages from so many different places.  Well, that had to change; and fast!


Growing up, traditional German food was something typical on our dining room table in our railroad apartment in Queens, NY.  I have so many great memories of that small apartment. Those memories include sitting around the dining room table for dinner as a family. We ate a lot of traditional German food and, like so many families of that time, we also ate a lot of canned, frozen and packaged food.


Then from my college years through my twenties, my weight was (frankly) a bigger concern to me than my health.  When I binged on junk food or fast food, I just got super-strict on my diet to compensate.  This meant I ate a lot of packaged foods; the calories listed on the label made them easy to track.  Sure, it helped me lose weight.  But the other side of unhealthy practices was a shortened attention span, sketchy focus on school and professional work, and I was tired.  all.  the. time.  So add to that a coffee addiction.


Not knowing how important nutrition was, I continued that pattern:  gaining weight, then losing weight and back.  The result of this yo-yoing of weight and unhealthy food and lifestyle knocked down my self-esteem, made me feel out of control, and just plain lousy! 


But now I was starting a family.  I wanted the best of health and happiness for my children.  And I also wanted the energy to enjoy every precious minute with them.  I began to read and research everything I could to make sure I was getting optimal nutrition during my first pregnancy.


When my first child was ready to eat real food, the serious research continued and even went a bit deeper. I was a mom on a mission!   Providing the best nutrition for my family, with my husband away at work much of the time, had to be as easy, manageable and realistic as possible.  My days had ups and downs. Some days were harder than others. As moms, we all know what that is like. 


Along the way, I learned a lot about my own health and wellness.  The more I learned about myself and about nutrition, the easier it became for me to make my best choices, one meal at a time, minus the counting or measuring.  


After making many positive changes — like eating with more awareness, and focusing on eating clean — I could not believe the difference in how I felt.  With a little extra balance in my life, and the extra energy from these new practices, I felt unstoppable!  My mission turned into a passion.  I wanted this for my family, and everyone else!


At this point I was a busy mom of three.  Grateful for all I learned on my own, I was now ready to take things to the next level.  That is when The Institute for Integrative Nutrition came into my life.  At IIN, I studied with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.  We covered over 100 dietary theories and practical lifestyle management techniques.  But even more importantly, I learned more about the bigger picture of health, beyond food. 


All the while, piece by piece, I was putting what I learned into practice.  I felt and saw the difference the changes made.  Not just for me (like maintaining my pre-birth weight), but more importantly, for my husband and my children.   The foundation of knowledge, and the confidence to make the everyday decisions about my family’s food and lifestyle was sculpting our children into our vibrant, awesome little “mob” (as I endearingly call them) and creating a wonderful home life for our family.  I felt so great about it, that I wanted the same for others.


I wanted to share my wealth of all of the easy, doable, manageable and practical tips, methods, recipes and steps with as many Moms, like you, as possible!  I wanted to save other Moms from spending all the time, money and energy that I did, just trying to find and filter the onslaught of facts from fiction when it comes to healthy information, and how it can work best for them.  Better that they spend that extra time, money and energy on themselves, their children and their spouses!


So now I customize all this information for your lifestyle,  giving you a super shortcut to what works best for your family.  That means that, for a tiny fraction of the time and money and work it took me, that place of confidence and informed decisions for your family’s best health is available to you.


What it all boils down to?


Like you, as a very busy mom (and now business owner!), I don’t have time to dwell on calories or diet plans.


I get that the stress of the hectic daily schedule can lead to overeating.  


I get that lack of sleep and low energy make exercise seem a world away. 


And I get that caring for others means you are likely forgetting to care for yourself.


My dream is to help you develop your deeper understanding of the best food and lifestyle choices that work for you and your family.  Then, one choice after another, you will develop habits that will build into a new, more balanced lifestyle and greater health.  That means more energy, and improved mental, physical and emotional health;  the support you need for a more joyful life! 


As a Mom, you are the Gatekeeper of your family’s food and lifestyle choices.  Let me show you how to make these choices with informed confidence, so that you can give your family one of the bests gifts ever — glowing health that supports their happiness and a brighter future!


What are the greatest challenges you have around building a healthy lifestyle for you and your family?  Take a minute now to tell me — you can reach me by email michelle@realmomsrealhealth.com phone or text 347-234-3784.

Even better, book your own Breakthrough Session and  schedule a block of time to speak to me one on one.


I can’t wait to hear from you!



Testimonials from some amazing former clients

“Thank you very much, Michelle, for helping me launch the new healthier chapter of life. Since I started the 6-month program with you, you’ve helped me become more aware of healthier habits that were easy to follow and easy to commit to.

Not only did you introduce me to healthy juicing and smoothie-making, you provided books to read and helped me learn new recipes. You brought motivation to our conversations by helping me realize how far I’ve come and how much I have accomplished in such a short period of time.

You introduced me to journaling,…you showed me different ways that I can relax and dedicate time to myself.

Most of all, you were there for me, to listen, to recommend, to motivate and to guide. For the first time, I felt that I wasn’t alone. You made my journey easier by providing me with the tools I needed to reach my goals.

Thank you, Michelle, I will forever be grateful for the magnificent help you provided during the 6-month program. I feel motivated, confident and secure that I can continue to reach my short and long term goals. You made it happen!”

Rose, mom of 4


“When I started the 6 month program with Michelle, I knew that to be healthy I needed to eat less junk food and exercise more but I was having trouble doing it on my own. When I finished the program I was eating 80-90% clean and exercising 6 days a week, but what she taught me about goal setting, patience and self-care was more beneficial to my health than broccoli and jogging could ever be. Not only was I able to meet my immediate nutrition and fitness goals, I was given the tools I needed to maintain them, set new ones and meet the ever changing and unpredictable challenges of life.

I’d recommend Michelle’s health coaching program to anyone who is frustrated with the hamster wheel of failed resolutions, to anyone who is tired of feeling guilty, and especially to those who are ready to embrace true holistic health over the magazine cover status quo.”

Nicole, mom of 2


“I worked with Michelle for a three month program.  I was mainly interested in eliminating my sugar cravings and learning new, easy recipes that I could make for my family.  Michelle shared many, easy recipes for a busy mom who also works outside the home.  She is so knowledgeable about how the body breaks down sugars and foods in general and gave me pointers on how to fight my sugar cravings that I would have almost every afternoon.  Little by little, my cravings went away and I don’t feel like a slave to the chocolate chip cookie anymore.  Michelle was so encouraging and was available if I sent her a text or an e-mail with a question.  The goals we set each two week cycle are very attainable so it helped to build my confidence that I could do this.  I highly recommend Michelle as a health coach.”

Jamie, mom of 2


 “Michelle, I just wanted to tell you that you are really good at what you do! [My husband] has lost a noticeable amount of weight, his complexion is healthier, he is sleeping better and he is eating vegetables and drinking water ALL DAY everyday. Best of all, he’s just plain happier with himself, which makes the rest of us happy. It’s wonderful  and you’re wonderful and I just wanted you to know. “
Melanie, mom of 2

“I chose Michelle as a health coach because I admired her positive attitude and commitment to health and fitness. She is, in every sense, the perfect role model, imparting her passion for a healthy lifestyle to everyone  around her. The six months I spent in her group coaching class turned out to be even better than I expected. Michelle’s holistic approach to health and her emphasis on self-care truly changed my life. Michelle is incredibly perceptive and has a remarkable ability to hone in on the underlying issues that are holding you back and offer up thoughtful suggestions on how to break through them. I can’t say enough good things about her!

Lois, mom of 3