3 Simple Ways to Make Your Kid's School Day Even Better

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Heading back to the classroom can be both exciting and stressful for our kiddos. 

But there are some simple strategies we can use to give them a chance at a better day. 

Remove the stress of rushing around. 

I know that when I am pressed for time my heart rate rises, my thoughts scramble, and I fell panicked. It is a generally awful feeling and that is no different for our kids when they are caught in the whirlwind of frantically rushing to be on time in the morning. We can avoid that whole scene if we commit to being time managers for ourselves and our children.

Wake up a little earlier if you have to and set time limits for activities like eating breakfast, getting dressed, and doing chores. It helps me to plan on leaving 10 minutes before necessary just in case things don't go as planned. 


Plan a healthy breakfast.

Kids do well when they eat well.

It doesn't have to be a challenge to fill your little ones' bellies with the most nutritious choices.

Love them up!

Nobody can build up a child like their momma can. And we all know it is the little things that matter most. Sometimes, as parents with a million things on our plates, we get distracted or forgetful of how much this matters. Make a mental note to love up those kiddies in whatever way you can. Share an unexpected hug, remind them about what makes them so special, tell them how proud you are of them. Your words and actions stay with them always so don't skimp on the loving.  

All of the little pieces we can put together to make our children's morning run smoothly and feel positive will help make their school day even better. 


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5 Days of Back to School Breakfasts

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I am a big believer that our best work can't happen without GOOD FOOD. 

Good food is the foundation of clear thoughts, better moods, and the right kind of energy. All the things our children need in the morning before heading off to school. 

This list is a collection of healthy, real food breakfast options that can help your little ones put their best foot forward as they head back to school this year.

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  1. Sweet Potato Hash and scrambled eggs. This breakfast is great- you can get the prep work done quickly, set it in the oven, and simply scramble a few eggs to serve with it once it is done. I love sweet potatoes in the morning because they are so filling and provide sustained energy through until lunch. Perfect for kids heading back to the classroom! 
  2. Overnight Oats. Need more time for yourself in the morning? No problem. The work for overnight oats happens the day before so your effort in the morning is minimal (maybe even non-existent!) I found a great link with 8 different delicious ways to make overnight oats and your kids will love them. They won't disappoint! 
  3. Spinach and eggs. A simple and quick way to give your kids a healthy protein plus healthy greens in the morning. I have made spinach and eggs in 5 minutes or less whenever I'm in a pinch and running out time. Simply begin by scrambling your eggs. About half way through, add a few huge handfuls of raw baby spinach. Once the eggs are cooked through, the spinach will be wilted. Salt, pepper, and DONE! (Of course if you are feeling extra fancy, you can add some cheese or additional seasonings.) 
  4. Avocado toast. Simple, filling, and DELICIOUS. How can you go wrong? The basic idea is to toast up your favorite bread. (Ours is Ezekiel bread!) and then spread a perfectly ripe avocado onto your toast. Again, salt, pepper, DEVOUR! Are there ways to jazz up this breakfast option? Sure! Check these out. 
  5. Banana Pancakes. Still a classic in this house that is always a crowd pleaser! If you want to put a fun fall twist on this simple dish, try this

And just like that you have completed a whole school week with healthy breakfasts that are good for your children's bellies and brains. 

I know you are an amazing mom trying to raise a healthy family. I hope these 5 breakfast ideas help you on that journey! 

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Have an amazing school year everyone! 


The Gratitude Momma Mindset



This summer was a lot different for us than any other summer. 

And at first I thought it was THE WORST. 

In summers past I had nothing but time with my kids. We focused on lazy mornings, beach days, and outdoor adventures.

But not this summer. This summer was different. The kids and I all had a hard time wrapping our heads around it. I should be totally honest and say there were moments that I was kind of bitter about the whole thing which is kind of silly considering this was my choice.

Let me backup just a bit: for over 2 years I have had a part time gig outside of holistic health coaching that I love just as much. I have taught adult basic education for a local non-profit. 

I love that gig. 

And when they offered me a full time position, I couldn't say no. 

But a full time position outside of my home was a huge change for the family and for me. When I accepted the new position I did so knowing there were be some bumps along the way.

I began my new full time position July 1st, right as summer began. 

So there we were, kicking off summer by getting up earlier than they had during the school year, the kids seeing me less, and all of us adjusting to a brand new reality of a full-time working mom. (And yes, of course I am still coaching! Couldn't make me stop if you tried, haha!) 

There were tears some mornings, sometimes at night. (From the kiddos and from me.) 

I was sad about all of the things I was missing. I wondered more than once if I was doing the right thing. 


My kids were super lucky to be able to spend the summer days with their generous and fun aunt who planned fun-packed days at the snap of a finger. I couldn't have asked for a better arrangement. But I still spent some time feeling bad and even grieving the end of how things used to be for us.

As moms I think we are pre-programmed to feel guilty ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING. And this new situation was no different for me. I had to pep-talk myself out of guilt and regret many times because ultimately I wanted this new gig. It came with adjustments to my home life but that is what life is about, right? Nothing stays the same, everything changes and being able to flow with those changes is key. 

I could see all the adjustments as "sacrifices" but I refuse to go there. 

Instead I decided (somewhere in the middle of the summer and bad feelings) to find all of the silver linings, all of the blessings, and all of the happy moments. 

Life is what we focus on.

If I CHOOSE to focus on the hard parts of change the hardships will overwhelm me. 

If I CHOOSE to focus on every precious moment this summer, those moments will carry me through. 

Although those moments might be fewer this summer than they were in the past, guess what? They are just as precious to me and my children as well. When recently asked about a favorite part of the summer, my oldest could have chosen any of the adventures she has had this summer while I was as work: beach days, road trips, museums, zoos, aquariums, boardwalk arcades.... 

...but she named one of the days I was able to steal away with them, when we headed to a local amusement park, got caught in the rain and had ice cream for lunch. THAT one day stands out for her. It stands out for me too.

I learned a lot this summer about the power and importance of a gratitude mindset. Whatever it is that makes us think that guilt needs to be a part of everything should just back off.

I am shaking the guilt and embracing the gratitude.

I am endlessly grateful for all of the days I have had with my children this summer. I am grateful for all of the ups and downs and all the lessons learned.  This summer might have had limited adventures for the first time ever, but if I can see it for what it is really worth, it makes all the difference. 

 The kids are alright. I love these little monsters. 

The kids are alright. I love these little monsters. 

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