The Healthy Hacks the Spring Brings


The Healthy Hacks The Spring Brings

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There are so many things to love about spring.

Especially all of the healthy hacks that come along with this season.

Spring is a time of new life, fresh growth, and cleansing.

If we pay attention we can see it in nature and we can feel feel those same tendencies in ourselves.

It is really not surprising if you think about it, but after a little added sunshine and fresh air we suddenly want to open all the windows, change every bed linen and re-organize “the drawer” in the kitchen. (You know, THAT “catch all” ‘drawer that holds everything from pliers, to matches, to coupons & box tops.)

Come springtime many of us observe a change in our eating habits and a renewed commitment to our healthy habits.

It isn’t by accident either.

What spring is doing in the outside world, we intuitively want to do in our inside world.

But here is the even cooler part.

Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes. That drive to cleanse, get a little more active, tidy up our healthy habits… well, spring brings along ways to make those things so much easier to embrace than it has been in the winter months.

So not only does nature stir those tendencies in us, she puts all the tools right out there for us! (Love Her!)

3 Healthy Hacks the Spring Brings



Spring brings fresh berries at every Farmers’ Market and grocery store. Loaded with antioxidants & other nutrients, they are here for us to enjoy so eat up!

What are some fresh ways to enjoy berries this spring?

  • Toss them in your salad! A strawberry and spinach salad or a fresh green salad with blueberries and walnuts are perfect dishes.

  • Add berries to your water to add flavor and nutrients.

  • Pack berries for a snack on your way to park or your child’s softball game.


Fresh air & sunshine

The temperatures are warming up and the days are getting longer.

The outside is calling!

Spring makes it so easy to get some vitamin D, some cleansing fresh air, and an extra bit of exercise. How?

  • Leave the car behind and walk to the store, to school, to the park. While you are at it, leave your phone behind too and really take it all in.

  • Open those windows. Air out the house and enjoy the beautiful breeze.

  • Homework can wait, play outside! Kick or toss a ball back and forth, get out your bikes, or the bubbles, anything. Make the most of the lengthening days.


Greens, greens, and more greens

Greens are sprouting all around us for a reason.

All the fresh green growth makes being healthy easier.

  • Super healthy & cleansing greens are ripe for the picking. Arugula, dandelion greens, lettuces, and watercress are ready in gardens, farmers’ markets and groceries. Dig in!

  • Fresh herbs are sprouting! Thyme, mint, parsley are all waiting for you with their detoxifying qualities and amazing flavors.

  • Green grass is calling. Kick off your shoes and connect to the Earth. Barefoot walks in the yard or a grassy field are awesome. Earthing has many positive effects. Is earthing for you? Take a peek here.

Spring makes it easy to be healthy.

So here is to a happy and HEALTHY springtime! Enjoy!


Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Kid's Birthday (Sugar-free, too!)


Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday!

(Sugar-free, too!)

In our house March is a busy month.

We have lots of family birthdays including the birthdays of both of my girls. With school celebrations, family celebrations, and everything in between, this month can easily slip into the “sugar overload zone”.

It was a few years ago when I first started organizing two class trays of treats, two family parties, plus celebrating the day of their actual birthday that I quickly started feeling overwhelmed by the back-to-back-to back presence of cupcakes, brownies, birthday cake and then leftover birthday cake in our home.

Around this time I decided there had to be a better way… a healthier way.

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone here gets a birthday cake for their birthday. (I am not that mean.) However we try to remain mindful eaters, “birthday month” or not, and that is where many of these ideas can fit in.

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday (Sugar-Free, too!)

healthy butterflies.jpg

1. Share a healthy (but fun!) snack.

There are so many ways you can make something simple that has lots of fresh, bright colors, and kids will love. Depending on your craftiness, you can really dress up your kid’s class treat or keep it fairly simple. Melon kabobs or fruit-filled butterflies are manageable choices but feel free to challenge yourself with some Pinterest inspiration if you are up for it!


2. Take a trip!

Whether it is an afternoon visit to someplace local or a weekend getaway to a nearby city, spoiling your birthday kid with experiences rather than a sugar overload is always worth it. My girls don’t need to go far, they simply LOVE the idea of staying overnight in a hotel with a pool and a breakfast buffet.


Try a bucket list item!

3.Try a bucket list item. Is your child adventurous? Or maybe trying to come out of his or her shell? Why not try something worthy of anyone’s bucket list!? Take a trapeze class, try snorkeling, go whale watching, try paddle boarding, go parasailing!


Get active!

4. Get active. Gather up the family or even some friends and get moving. Spend the afternoon bowling, rock climbing, playing laser tag, or racing each other through a local ninja obstacle course. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have a lot of laughs and an overall good time.


Go Camping!

5. Go camping. Want to really connect with your child and celebrate their special day? Unplug and head outdoors!

There are lots of ways to celebrate your child (without the sugar overload) and maybe your next celebration idea is listed above!

Maybe you have a unique idea of your own that you can share with us in the comments or in our online mom community, The Real Moms Collaborative.

Either way, I look forward to keeping the idea list growing.

Thanks for being a part of this awesome community!

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Nothing helps you prepare for a healthy week like a healthy shopping list. Fill your home with the right stuff!


14 Ways to Tell Your Kids You Love Them (without saying it)

moon and back.jpg

February, the host month of Valentine’s Day, instantly makes me feel all lovey-dovey just by flipping over the page on the calendar. I start thinking of love notes, secret admirers, and who I could surprise with heart-shaped cupcakes. (zucchini cupcakes, of course.)

It would be really nice if we could live everyday like this, but life is busy.

So we probably don’t.

If we are totally honest here, many times it is the people we love the very most that get the least of our loving attention. At least somedays.

Busy schedules, endless errands, and tons of responsibilities pull us in too many directions to keep track of. Lots of times, the day ends with a little yelling, a scramble for bedtime, and an exhausted mom collapsing on the couch.

No doubt we always remember to whisper to each of our children, “I love you” before one last kiss and turning out the lights.

But February, the month of love, demands so much more!

I have brainstormed some simple but sweet ways to step up and LOVE UP those little buggers who call you Mom!

  1. Make their favorite meal.

  2. Let them choose a movie or show they really want to see and watch it…. with fervor.

  3. Let your kiddo choose your outfit. (You might reserve this for the weekend unless the fashion game is strong in your little one.

  4. Cuddle up and just talk.

  5. Pick a recipe and cook together.

  6. Stay in their room a little longer when you tuck them in at night.

  7. Write them a note that tells them something you love about them. Leave it where you know they will find it.

  8. Ask their opinion about something. Really listen to their response.

  9. Celebrate a victory that usually goes less noticed. A completed reading log, making their bed, helping a sibling. Make it a BIG DEAL.

  10. Help them with a project like cleaning up their room or picking up toys. Hug them afterwards and tell them that you love spending time together.

  11. Dance party. (I recommend putting together a sweet playlist before hand.

  12. Build a fort. Sleep in it.

  13. Surprise them! Have ice cream for dinner, plan an after school excursion to the rock climbing park, or anything else you all find fun. Everyone likes a fun twist to the normal routine.

  14. Try adding to your “I love you’s” by saying, “I love you because….”.


This is just the beginning! I bet you have ideas of your own, maybe even some you have tried in years past. Consider yourself invited to share your own ideas in a comment belong or even in our online moms group, The Real Moms Collaborative.

Thank you so much for reading and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!