The Healthy Mom's Weekend TO DO List

If you are the kind of mom who thinks of weekends as a chance to catch up, I want you to try something different. I want you to start thinking of weekends as a way to GET AHEAD. 


Hey, last week is over. It is time to move forward. Once Monday rolls around, your schedule will be back to crazy and non-stop, right? So why not make the most of the weekend and use it as time to set up a healthy week for you and the family? Even if you can only get to a few things on this TO DO list you will still give yourself a healthy advantage. 


The Healthy Mom's Weekend TO DO List:

  • Think about recipes. Whether you plan each meal down to the last detail or if you just like knowing what some of your bigger meals during the week will be, start thinking about recipes now. Flip through a few recipe books, sort through the recipes you have saved on your laptop, cruise your favorite food blog and even go to some of your favorite classics. Pull out or jot down a few recipes that you feel good about adding to your menu this week. (*Healthy Bonus Tip- consider doubling a recipe or two to have an easy meal on hand later in the week. Using the "Cook once, eat twice" strategy has helped me avoid ordering take out more than once!)
  • Create a shopping list & head to the market. Be sure to check all your essential items to see what needs to be added. Add the ingredients you need for the recipes you pulled out. Think about breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks. Although I definitely need to make stops during the week, I do try to get as much of our shopping done in one day as I can. It is just a better use of time.
  • Begin food prep. You can do as little or as much of this as you want but I find that the more you do, the better the week goes. You can consider making a big salad to go with  dinner and prepping mason jar salads for the week at the same time, chop veggies for lunch boxes, hard boil eggs, make a soup that you can eat throughout the week, cook something big that will give you leftovers for the days ahead. Whatever prep you can do to make the week go smoothly is a plus! 
  • Get outside. Our schedules during the week are jam packed and sometimes finding time to get outside is a challenge. With a little more flexibility during the weekend (hopefully) be sure to plan some time to be outdoors. Being outdoors has many physical, mental and emotional benefits so in my book it is a MUST. It is a great way to recharge your batteries before the week begins. 
  • Have FUN! Isn't life serious enough? The weekends are made for fun so make sure you and your family have lots of it! Play a board game, cook together, challenge your kids to a dance contest, go for a hike, take a day trip, whatever is going to bring on the smiles and the laughter, make time for it. You will be so glad you did. 
  • Set Intentions. This is something I love to do on Sunday night after the kids are in bed and the dust settles. Think about all the potential the upcoming week holds. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Think of one or two goals and write them down. Writing them down is a way to give them life. You are more likely to recall your intentions during the week if you took a minute or two to write them down. So whether your intentions are to take a salad for lunch each day of the week, pack fruit instead of chips for your children's snacks or practice meditation 2 times this week, writing these intentions down is the first step to making them a reality. 

If you make some time for the items on this TO DO list you will find that you will feel more in control come Monday morning and you are much more likely to have a happier and healthier week ahead. 

Thank you for reading. I always love to hear your feedback so don't hesitate to let me know if this post was helpful and which items on this TO DO list are you most looking forward to adding to your weekend schedule!

Also, as a super busy mom myself, I know that sometimes kickstarting a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming. I know it is frustrating to want to do better but finding it difficult to get started and stick with it. That is why my Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are always free. Accountability and motivation can make all the difference. 


Again, thank you! Eat well & be well, my friends! 


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