How Busy Moms Start a Healthy Day


You and I have both been there.

You finally sit down at the end of the night. Maybe you just cleaned up all the containers from the take-out you ordered. It was a busy day and maybe some less-than-great choices were made. It happens.

You start telling yourself, "Tomorrow. Tomorrow things will go better. I will pack a good lunch for the kids, I will eat healthier and no take out for dinner!" You feel 100% on board with this.

But then...

...the baby won't sleep, the toddler wakes up and wants to talk and the oldest ends up sleeping in your bed at some point during the night. (and by "sleeping in your bed" I mean "sleeping halfway across your face and completely taking over your side of the bed." Am I right?) Somewhere along the way you manage to get some sleep but then the next thing you know you have pressed the snooze button a half a dozen times and you are totally running late. From there, it is all a blur.  Once you start popping something questionable into the toaster oven, the whole idea you had the night before about being healthy today goes right out of the window. 

I am speaking from experience. And as a very busy mom, I know that for me, once the morning is shot, the rest of the day is tumbling right down with it. 

Having a smooth and healthy start to your day changes everything. It sets the tone for the day, both mentally and as far as food is concerned. If I jump into a healthy meal, I want to keep that trend going and I am more likely to do so. 

The kids get all the benefits of a healthy head start to the day as well. They are more likely to have a stress-free morning if the same is true for you. The health benefits of eating a healthy breakfast at the table with the family are numerous. Whether they are heading to school, playgroup or running errands with you, kids that have a healthy start to the day are going to be more focused, in a better mood, energized and feel better than when they do not. 

So, how do you make this happen?

It really is simple and you can have a healthy start to your day tomorrow! 

Once the kids are in bed and before you sit down tonight, take just a few short minutes to do these three things. It won't take long to master the ways that busy moms have a healthy start to the day: 

1. Prepare your lemon water. One of the healthiest ways you can begin your day is with lemon water. Before coffee, tea, or breakfast, treat your body to a tall glass of lemon water. Lemon water first thing in the morning not only energizes you, it is a detoxifying practice that helps improve digestion and boosts your immune system. 

However, you and I know that if the morning gets off to a rocky start, we aren't likely to stop and make ourselves some lemon water. We will be too busy trying to feed the kids (something healthy, of course) and get everyone out of the door on time.

So, give yourself a head start by preparing your lemon water the night before. This makes all the difference. When all you have to do is take it out of the fridge and start sipping, this becomes a healthy practice even the busiest mom can handle! 


2. Set the breakfast table. When you wake up in the morning and see the table already set and waiting for the family I think something magical happens in the mind that not only reminds you of those healthy intentions you set the night before but also makes those intentions seems very attainable. Maybe it is because part of the work of getting breakfast on the table is already done. 

For the kids, this is a signal that THIS is how breakfast is happening. Not on the way out of the door, not in front of the TV, but right here at the table. There are no surprises, they know what is coming and it helps things go smoother in the morning. This is also an excellent chore for the kids to have after dinner and homework is done and the table is free. 


3. Plan Breakfast. This can take you a matter of seconds. You can simple decide on, say,  spinach and scrambled eggs tomorrow. Great! Now you have made a mental note and you won't have to wing it in the morning! I suggest if that whatever you decide on, you take out the pans you would use for that breakfast. Go ahead and firm up that mental commitment! 

If you have some time and energy, you can take a few minutes with this step. If you are planning on adding chopped veggies to breakfast, maybe omelets for example, chop those veggies now. If pancakes are what you decide on, mix the dry ingredients and leave it sealed on the counter. Anything to help make sure you have the healthiest and easiest start to you day!

In just a few short minutes you can set yourself up to wake up and walk into an organized setting where even if you didn't get much sleep because one child had a nightmare, another needed a glass of water at 2am and the baby woke up wet, no worries. You are already set up to get a healthy start on your day anyway! 


Remember, as a super busy mom myself, I know that sometimes kickstarting a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming.

But if I can do it, you can do it!

Just take one healthy step at a time.


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Thanks for reading! 

Eat well, be well,