Hey 2017! Bring It!!

Photo by vencavolrab/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by vencavolrab/iStock / Getty Images


Three cheers for fresh starts and new beginnings! 

I just LOVE the feeling of a brand new year!

All of that potential and tingly anticipation! EEK! 

It is like the fresh start every Monday brings.... but times 1000! 

If you are like me, you just can't wait to fill the waiting New Year like an empty vessel, full of promises of new workouts, healthy diets and a serious intention that you WILL, this time, clean out the basement. I know we all have our ambitious list of New Year's Intentions. 

When it comes to creating that list of goals and intentions for this shiny new year, I want to share with you how I approached it. 

I could start with a list of things I am going to DO. 

But instead I thought about how I want to FEEL.

See, often times when I work with my clients we spend a lot of time talking about how we want to feel at the end of the day. If we can identify that (strong, accomplished, joyous) then we can set a daily intention that helps us achieve that feeling.So, when we are faced with a challenge or a difficult choice throughout the day, our daily intention and end goal helps guide us.

Make sense?

This is the same way I approached this brand New Year:

I thought: What feelings do I want MORE OF this year and which do I want to CROWD OUT?




I focused on my top 3....

And of course I got it down on paper.







From there, I thought about what habits and practices increased those feelings in my life.

After that I started identifying action steps and filling in my 2017 calendar with everything from "Girls Night" to which mornings I would be meditating and so on.



Finally, I found some accountability partners and began to mark spots on my calendar to remind me to evaluate and reassess my progress.  (If I don't put a post it in March, May, July and so on... it just ain't gonna happen!) 

Now it is YOUR TURN. Start at the top! 


1. Focus on the top 3 feelings you want to be full of this year.

2. Identify what practices you need to increase in order to have more of those positive vibes.

3. Break it all down into action steps that fill in your personal 2017 calendar.

4. Find ways to be accountable! 



I know that making the plan can be easier than actually sticking with it. 

I have been there.

You don't have to go it alone!

I have a limited number of openings for NO-COST BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS to get you started! 

If you are serious about making 2017 your happiest and healthiest,

EMAIL ME at Michelle@realmomsrealhealth.com TODAY!