Thank You, 2016.

Photo by BERKO85/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by BERKO85/iStock / Getty Images

Let me begin with a confession.

2016 and I have not always seen eye-to-eye. We haven't gotten along for large chunks of time and there were even times that we weren't even on speaking terms. I even considered "unfriending"  from social media a few times over the last 12 months.

Yea, there were days that were that ugly.

But I don't want to end this year mad, sad or disappointed. I would be wrong to say it has been all bad or to even overlook what I have actually gained from the more challenging times. There is no way I can clear a lane for all that is to come by harboring a bucket-load of ill will for the year past or even to fail to acknowledge all the good and positive that has crossed my path along the way. So before we celebrate a fresh, new year, I owe 2016 some gratitude. Even more than that, I really need to honor 2016 for all that it provided me, the good and the bad, the joys and the struggles. The whole sha-bang.


So, 2016, here is some of the respect and gratitude that I have for you:

Thank you for reminding me that I am tougher than I think. This year has been a struggle on some personal fronts and others. The stress, some fear and squeaky wagon of self-doubt that came along with it was tough. But I have yet to give up. I might feel a little beat up but I am sure not stopping. 2016 saw me in some of my lowest points but I am so thankful that it was a beautiful reminder of just how strong I am.

Thank you for showing me who my "ride or die" tribe really is. Through ups and downs there have been some people in my circle that have never wavered whether I am at my best or at my worst. There are also some new people to the fold that have stepped into my close circle of friends and family with nothing but love. They are part of my nearest and dearest who celebrate and raise each other up. I cherish this tribe so thank you, 2016, for reminding me who they are.

Thank you for the opportunity to achieve great things. I may not have checked off each goal I wrote down last January but I checked off some big ones! Some were tougher than I thought but I had a lot of support (thanks tribe!) and more perseverance than I thought.  I wasn't always sure I would make it, like at the starting line staring at the 26.1 miles ahead of me, but 2016 gave me a few brave days that made me feel like I could just go for it. And I did! 

Thank you for the little things that mean everything. After hard days, hard nights or just a hard 2 hours, cuddles, "I love you"'s and hand drawn pictures by my lovable mob are what fill my heart. Calls with my mom, a few date nights here and there, bed time stories and family game nights....does it get any better than that? Thank you for all of that and reminding me that is what really matters.

Thank you for 365 opportunities to start fresh and make each day the best day I could make it. I didn't always rock each day but I did rock some and gave the other days my best shot. 

Thank you for 365 wake ups and 365 nights of good night kisses. Each day is a gift and wake ups and good nights are the wrapping paper and bows. 

Thank you for all of it. Whatever it was it either made me happier or stronger. (Psst! Thanks for making that way more than just a cliche or a Facebook meme.)

After this year I am wiser, stronger, and have learned more than ever how to find happiness in the little things. I know there is more. I know I learned a lot this year and I know...

... I am grateful.

I am so truly grateful. 

Have you thought about how grateful you are? And for what? For who?

Have you spent some time and energy tapping into the gratitude you have for the past year?

In your journal, in prayer, in meditation, comment below, or join us in our online community The Real Moms Collaborative to share, no matter how... find time to honor and thank 2016 for all it has given to you. (It feels great, I promise!) Together let's be ready for all the awesomeness 2017 has in store for us. We won't find that awesomeness without a grateful heart. 


In my last bit of gratitude in this post, I want to express gratitude for you. I am so thankful that you are reading this, that you have stayed and grown with me and that we will jump into 2017 together!