How a Busy Mom Can Be a Fit Mom!

If you read my posts it is likely because you are a busy mom that cares about your health and the health of your family. Our paths have crossed because you want to make healthy living easy enough to fit into your busy life. I share a lot of ideas about food choices, recipes and strategies for healthy kitchen habits.


But we both know that good health is more than just food.


On the road to better health, my clients (who are busy moms like you and I) often talk about more than just food. We might talk about stress management, sleep issues, relationships, self care or a list of many other things. 


As the Inner Circle member moms know, we have been spending a lot of time and focus on SELF CARE over the last few weeks. We have covered topics like dry brushing, journaling, yoga, meditation and more. These are easy and effective ways of taking good care of ourselves, something we often overlook but certainly should not.


When talking about self care I always bring up fitness.


Fitness is a separate category all its own, but it is definitely part of self care as well. It is important to take care of ourselves physically but there is more to it than that. Let me see a show of hands if you use exercise for more than just a way to stay in shape. Maybe it is your way to take a mental break, clear your head or de-stress. This is definitely true for me! 


You probably already knew that though, right?


The problem isn't convincing us that exercise is important and all the reasons why. The problem is that we are busy. Often we feel too busy to fit in fitness. We are balancing a hectic schedule and sometimes the day gets away from us before we follow through with an exercise plan.


I am not alone, right?


It has happened to me more than I like to admit. There are days when I lace up my sneakers and THINK I am going for a run in the afternoon... but by the time I am done picking everyone up from their activities, feed them and make sure homework is happening, it can be bedtime! 


I knew there had to be a better way. What I figured out as a way to fit in more fitness is what I want to share with you here....



4 Ways to Fit In More Fitness

  1. Schedule it in your calendar just like any other high priority. You write down the t-ball games, tutoring schedule and doctor appointments. Write down the days and times you plan to run, head to yoga, and go to Zumba. 
  2. Try new ways to stay active to keep yourself engaged and motivated! Yoga, Zumba, Crossfit, cycling, running, bowling, boxing, Tai Chi... there are so many ways to keep things fresh and avoid getting bored with your exercise routine. Try something that sounds like fun and mark it in your calendar!
  3. Find simple and manageable routines and backups. As a mom, I know that I might have an excellent plan for the day that includes time for exercise but then a sick child, a missed school bus or a cancelled babysitter can throw a wrench in those plans. I have a few favorite 8-minute Tabata-style routines that I can use as a backup if going to the gym is suddenly out of the question. And my dear friend Diana created a very special Tabata-style routine just for the Real Moms' Inner Circle, complete with an instructional video! If you are a member mom, or are ready to become one, you don't want to miss it.
  4. Set some GOALS! If you know me you know if love to RUN. But even as much as I love running, life can get in the way of a good training routine...if I let it. So I keep myself accountable by setting some goals. Signing up for a few races helps me keep my eye on the prize. Two races I am training for right now are the Perfect 10 and the Philadelphia Marathon. (EEK!) What goals could you be setting to keep you on track? Maybe you can come and run one of these races with me! 

When we make fitness manageable and a "non-negotiable" (with some mild flexibility, of course) we can make it work. When we schedule it in, do something compact and that doesn't take up a ton of time and even when we make fitness something fun and have a goal in mind it allows us to see how we can make it fit into our busy lives. 

Thank you for reading.


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