3 "Must Have's" for the Busy Mom's Healthy Freezer

Photo credit: ID  30234244  ©  Lightpoet  | Dreamstime.com

Photo credit: ID 30234244 © Lightpoet | Dreamstime.com


It is time to get rid of those leftover ice cream cakes, evict those old bottles of booze that are staying chill for a special occasion and give our freezers a healthy makeover.

I admit that I have opened up my freezer to see a confusing frozen mess of too many boxes of ice cream pops, a bunch of unlabeled, freezer burnt containers and other mystery items that have overstayed their welcome. The sooner we sort through that stuff and make room for the things that really fit the healthy lifestyle we are working towards, the better! 

Think about it another way:

Remember the last time the day got away from you? The day that you were running around, trying to do it all and before you knew it, it was dinner time and you weren't ready?

Remember giving in and ordering pizza?

Oh, and remember feeling kind of bummed about it? maybe even a bit guilty?

I have been there, too.


Well, first of all, shake it off. Things happen and sometimes survival trumps healthy choices. We have all been there. 

But moving forward, I want you to remember this:

The more healthy choices you put within reach, the less likely you are calling the local take-out joint in desperation or making some other choice you later wish you hadn't. 


This is where having some key items in your healthy freezer can be really important.


A well stocked freezer can be a lifesaver for a busy mom. I rely on my healthy freezer pretty heavily to save me from unhealthy decisions when I am caught in a pinch. The healthy freezer is where a busy mom can keep some healthy food choices JUST IN CASE. Here are a few things I HAVE to have in my healthy freezer:


#1 Frozen, Organic Pizza (or two)

It takes just as much effort on my part to hunt through my "junk drawer", find the number for our local pizza parlor (do people still call them that?), make the call, find cash to pay the delivery person and still set the table  as it does to turn on the oven and pop a frozen pizza or two in. 

Honest, I have timed it.

When I am having a crazy day and survival mode kicks in, having a healthy back up ready to go makes a HUGE difference for me. I control what ingredients my family gets by choosing which frozen pizza I buy ahead of time which is why I usually go with an organic brand that has minimal ingredients. When I am desperate, it is ready to go! 

And it doesn't come with a side of guilt. (Win!) 


#2 Homemade Ice Pops

If not homemade, something with an ingredient list you can live with. This is a must have especially in the summer when the ice cream man comes around! But honestly, my kids still regard ice pops as a "special treat" even in the winter. (Weirdos.) 

Homemade ice pops are super easy. We are loving the latest addition to our kitchen, our Zoku Ice Pop molds. The kids and I have been making some delicious and healthy ice pops that they are excited to eat since they helped make them. (And moms, they take like 10 minutes to put together! No biggie!)  Making your own would be a simple and healthy thing to do together! 

Here is one of our simple, healthy and delicious ice pop recipes to start with --> RECIPE HERE



Grab your FREE Healthy Shopping list here! 




#3 Ready To Go Crock Pot Meals

This healthy strategy requires a bit of foresight to know that you need to put it in play right away in the morning or even the night before but if you can handle that, dinner can be done when you need it. Whether you have a busy day at work or you just plan on being gone all day, having a few frozen healthy crock pot meals on hand can make this all work out. 

Basically you just put together a few crock pot meal ingredients, store them in the freezer, and take them out the day before you need them. 

Simple enough.

I am including some great websites where you will be able to find healthy and simple crockpot recipes to make ahead and have on stand-by in your healthy freezer.

Super Healthy Kids Crockpot Freezer meals

10 Awesome Recipes That Freeze Well 

7 Freezer Slow Cooker Paleo Meals

Make Ahead Freezer Meals    


This is a simple strategy is going to make healthy meals a little more manageable! 


And just like that you have 3 pretty simple Must Have's for your healthy freezer. Nothing too crazy, right? I am telling you, you have got this. And to make life even EASIER grab my free healthy shopping list! Yes, I made it just for busy moms like us! 

Until next time...


If you know it is time to change but don't know where to start...


Designed by a busy mom for busy moms! 


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