Summer Breakfast Picnics

I have never loved summer as much as I do as a mom. 

More specifically, I have never loved summer as much as I do as a mom with school-age kids who are gone most of the day during the academic year. 

Hooray for summer! I am embracing every minute of it. Even the moments when my mini mob is tap dancing on my last nerve because when they aren't around to annoy me, I miss them something awful. 

I try to make the most of each of our summer days together. Sometimes that means a mini-vacation or day trips or entire days laying and playing on the beach or taking a road trip to visit family.

This summer might be a little different though. 

As I am writing this blog post, my left leg is elevated and I am icing a torn tendon (insert pouty face). That means we aren't taking too many trips right now. Unfortunately, this momma has to heal up before we can plan more adventures. 

As a result I have been much more mindful to make our day to day life something special. All those things we are always too busy for, we make time for. The kids help so much more in the garden and the kitchen. They choose recipes and ingredients. We have been laying around reading together and talking about our books. We color together more often. We nap, we giggle, we look for shapes in the clouds. We have moved almost all of our indoor activities to the outdoors which is just the best. 

And although I am hung up with an injury, I can say that this summer so far has been awesome. We haven't really gone anywhere or done anything monumental. I haven't bought tickets for anything, paid any entrance fees, bought souvenirs on a trip or anything like that so far. But it has been really wonderful.  We have just been enjoying each other. We have been seeing all of our silly sides, sharing thoughts, ideas and knock, knock jokes. And we have just been feeling blessed.

 The most magical part of the day is the early morning.  Often the first riser, and it varies who it might be, and myself head outside to sit under our dogwood tree to read. We have also been moving breakfast outside.

We are all convinced that  breakfast picnics are just pure awesomeness.

Everyone helps by bringing out a blanket, plates, napkins or water bottles... 

I bring the food. 

All it takes is filling a tray with your family's favorite breakfast foods and heading outdoors. 

Some of what I included in this breakfast picnic tray are:

  • radishes
  • yellow & orange peppers
  • avocado
  • fresh berries
  • mushrooms
  • hardboiled eggs
  • apples
  • Ezekiel toast and avocado toast



Whatever your favorite breakfast foods are will work. Grab them and then get on outside!

You take the experience of sitting together for a meal and simply transfer it outdoors. The scene is calm and relaxing and kind of inspires cooperation and harmony. Even if it is only temporary, I still will take it. We listen to the birds, we talk about the day, we fill our bellies with nutritious food. It is simple and lovely. 

Like I said before, magical.

There are many ways to create a special and unique expereince for your family. This one is pretty simple but I think that is what makes it awesome. And when we start off the day together, talking, having fun, feeling really good... the rest of the day seems to follow suit. 

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Thank you so much for reading!