Caution: Challenges Ahead! (So Do This NOW.)

You know the story:

You set healthy intentions. You start off strong. You get into a good groove. And then....




A few nights of no sleep because the baby is teething.

The sewer main backups and EWWWW. 

The kids become twice as uncooperative around homework.

Car repairs.

The list goes on.

Life throws challenges your way.

And just like that your healthy intentions get put onto the back burner and you go into "survival mode". This usually means falling back into unhealthy habits. (I know. Me, too!)

Maybe it is skipping the gym, ordering a few nights of take-out or a glass of wine. Whatever it is, it often times results in a bit of a downward spiral, right? 

Before we know it, we have lost sight of our end game and sometime down the road we realize what has happened and beat ourselves up a bit. 

Don't you think it is time to break that cycle?

I DO! 

I want you to stop and think about your intentions RIGHT NOW and ask yourself how important they are! Why did you set your intentions? Be honest. 

We set healthy intentions even though we KNOW there will always be challenges. If we know there will be bumps in the road, let's prepare for those bumps! 

I know that there will be some things, especially in the life of a mom, that we will never be ready for, no matter what we do. However, we do know that we will have hectic days, up and down schedules, and moments of hair-raising frustration. Because we know that there will be times like these, I want you to do one thing...

...Capture the inspiration and motivation you feel right now and save it for when you need it most. 

Here is how:

Grab a cup of tea and a sheet of paper. 

Sit down during some of that (however rare) quiet time and write a letter to YOU.

Include all of the reasons you got started on this journey toward being a healthier, happier mom!

Write some kind words to yourself and remind yourself how important it is to stay the course. 

Right now, while you are clear headed, include some strategies that work for you. When life gets crazy and you are balancing the house, work, dinner and the kids... what helps you re-center? 



Some of the strategies I included in the letter to myself were:

  • Take a walk
  • Go for a run
  • Call Mom or my Lil' Sis
  • Deep breathe (even for just 30 seconds!)
  • Escape for a hot shower
  • Prepare matcha green tea
  • Stretch
  • Focus on gratitude
  • Journal

Include your top strategies! 



Keep this letter in your sock drawer, your journal, or anywhere else that makes it easy to grab when you need it most. 

When you need inspiration to stay on track even when there are challenging times, you have it covered. 

Writing your own letter can take just a few minutes but can make a big difference in maintaining your healthy, happy mom lifestyle! 




For an opportunity to speak with me one-on-one about your healthy intentions, challenges that you see coming and for more strategies that work for busy moms, email me today to schedule a no-cost Breakthrough Coaching Session!