Like many moms this time of year, you are probably setting some new and healthy intentions. 

Me, too. 

I love fresh starts and the excitement of setting new goals.

Who doesn't?

Something I love even more is success! There is nothing like setting intentions and then later being able to say "I did it!" I love looking back to the beginning and seeing how far I came. 

I know I am not alone here either.

We all love that part.

Getting there isn't always easy though, right?  Sometimes we get distracted along the way

So, here is the million dollar question:

How do we set healthy intentions and get to the victory party? 

Healthy habits.

Just by creating manageable new habits and maintaining them (THAT IS THE KEY!), you can create the healthy life you want this year.

Ok, ok, ok, I know. Like me, you are a busy mom and don't have tons of time to devote to spa treatments, gourmet 7-course meals for the family, or stopping at 17 different specialty stores just for a week's worth of groceries. 

Don't worry. You can STILL do this. 

The one thing that makes a difference in whether or not you are successful with your New Year's resolutions or any other healthy intentions you set is keeping new healthy habits going! 

Start one healthy habit after another and you are laying the foundation of the healthy life you can see in your mind's eye. As long as you can embrace the idea of your healthy life not appearing overnight but rather building it one step after healthy step, then you can  absolutely ROCK your NEW YEAR'S intentions! 

So, how do busy moms create and maintain new, healthy habits?


Here are 5 ways busy moms can create and maintain new, healthy habits:

1.ADD 1 OR 2 NEW HABITS AT A TIME. NO MORE! Avoid the complete overhaul, changing everything overnight. It never works. The combination of overwhelm and unfamiliarity with too many new habits at once leads to an inevitable breakdown. Don't set yourself up for failure. Keeping the big picture in mind, add 1 or 2 new habits a week. 

2.WRITE OUT YOUR NEW HABITS. Jot them down into your daily planner or write them out in your journal. This will help you make space for these new habits in your life and in your mind. Writing them down can help you take your commitment to the next level and embrace them in a stronger way. 

3. CREATE SIMPLE CHECKLISTS. To help you get started, create checklists that you can use daily. Check off the new habits as you complete it. This will help keep you focused even when you are really busy or the day takes unexpected turns. Once the new habit becomes a consistent part of your life you will see less and less need for the checklists. 


4. CREATE A 7-, 10- or 30-DAY CHALLENGE. I recently needed to re-commit to starting my day with lemon water. I created a 30-day chart in my daily planner. I fill it in each day and it works! Even on days I don't sleep well and am tempted to go straight to coffee, I think about my chart! I currently have a few charts I am working on filling in. The accountability keeps me focused.

5. GET SUPPORT. Find a friend or family member on a a similar healthy mission and keep each other honest. If not friend or family, meet new people! There are many accountability groups and online communities like The Real Moms Collaborative that will help you stay on track! Having someone or a group for motivation and support can make a huge difference as you develop new habits for a healthier life! 


Start where you are and add one new piece at a time. Step by healthy step you will be getting closer and closer to your New Year's intentions! 


For even more support, contact me today for a no cost Breakthrough Coaching Session. Together we can make healthy living easy !