5 Minutes for Mommy

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Just sitting down to write this post made me want to take a huge inhale in..... hold....and release a big, wonderful, cleansing exhale.  

Go ahead.  

You do it, too. 

Breathe in the positivity and love.

Hold that breath.  

Now let it go and release any negativity you are feeling today. 

Go ahead and do that a few more times.  

Feels great, right?

And just like that you took back (not even) 5 minutes for mommy.  

As busy moms sometimes all we feel like we get is 5 minutes for ourselves. We squeeze those 5-minutes in here and there, IF we are lucky. But those 5-minutes can be totally worth it.

When we find the time, we try, try, try to do a little something for ourselves. We take a mental break and maybe even treat ourselves to something in those 5 minutes. 

We deserve and NEED those 5 minutes and THEN SOME.  

But let’s stop and think for a second about how we are using those 5 minutes.  Are we checking Facebook and power-eating a sleeve of Oreos? (Which I have done. Yes, I have.) So, maybe. And well, shoot, seriously sometimes commenting on my girlfriend’s adorable puppy pictures and a mega-sugar rush are the only things saving my kids from the ultimate mommy meltdown, so I might have to go with it.   


But if that become a habit, it will become a problem.

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Instead of relying on social media and sweet treats when it comes to taking 5-minutes for ourselves, I want to encourage you to change it up.

We can empower those 5 minutes to make us feel refreshed, energized and positive

We can make the most of that little bit of time. 

So, because I love you and I know that sometimes all you get are 5 minutes, here are some of my favorite, tried-and-true healthy, happy swaps that i regularly use to help me make the most of the 5-minutes I get for myself: 

  • Instead of checking social media, listen to 5 minutes of your favorite podcast. 
  • Instead of getting lost in the TV, spend 5 minutes in a new book, trashy or otherwise! 
  • Instead of sitting down with a coffee, make your own matcha green tea. The process is so soothing!  
  • Instead of pouring a little glass of wine in the evening, call your mom, sister or bestie. Hearing your favorite voices is soothing to the soul.  
  • Instead of grabbing a few sweets, pour a tall glass of lemon water.  
  • Instead of catching up on the latest gossip, jot down 3 reasons you are grateful and add that to your gratitude jar.
  • And when all else fails, just breathe. Breathe in the positivity, breathe out the negativity. That might be good enough when it comes to treating yourself well.  



Sure, the “naughty” 5 minute steals feel good sometimes, but it is what we do MOST of the time that makes the difference. Try some of these healthier swaps for the next time you get 5 minutes to yourself. Tell me if you notice a difference. Share your experience with me or share your experience with our amazing and supportive community of moms, The Real Moms Collaborative.

We would love to hear from you.  



If you want to schedule some time to chat with me about making these self care strategies a reality even if you feel overwhelmed by your hectic mommy to-do list, click here!  I have been there, girlfriend. We can make this happen!