Our Summer Adventure: The Gear

Photo by LittleBee80/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by LittleBee80/iStock / Getty Images

Our summer trip is fast approaching and it is time for me to start thinking about the gear we will be using on our traveling adventure.  Although I am new to the traveling game, one thing is certain: I want to keep everything MINIMAL.

I have my reasons. 

On a practical level: I am the only adult on this trip (most of the time, anyway) and there is no way am I getting stuck lugging tons of bags full of unnecessary accessories and matching shoes for every outfit.

Not a chance.

On another level: I want to do whatever I can to make sure our focus is on the experience and not on stuff. Maybe I am wrong here, but I am hoping that the less we think about our stuff, the more we can focus on the experience and each other. We are a pretty tight-knit family but this experience has the potential to really strengthen our bond. I don't want anything to mess that up.

That is my hope anyway.

So I am planning that for our 2 months abroad that we will take one large suitcase that will carry the bulk of our clothes and necessities and each of us will travel with a backpack that we will carry onto the plane and for all of our day-tripping. (Wish me luck.)


New shoes! 

New shoes! 

Since it is the summer I hope that limiting everyone to 6 outfits should take up even less room since most of those will be shorts and tanks. Everyone is taking 2 pairs of shoes, a bathing suit, 2 pairs of pjs, basic toiletries, a sweater and that is kind of it.

Simple, simple, simple.

We've already stocked up on summer clothes but we all needed an extra pair of summer shoes. 

Everyone got new Keen's for the trip. They are durable, weather resistant and can look decent enough should we have occasion to "dress up" a bit.  




I purchased a new backpack for the trip. I needed one that was a little lighter weight and wasn't as big as the pack I use to hike. Since each child will have their own pack, I no longer need room for everyone's stuff! Also, we went with red since it is easier to spot should we be separated temporarily. We have had different brands before. This time Osprey fit the bill.







My two oldest are re-purposing their school book bags as travel bags for the summer. Once the summer ends, we will donate them and purchase new ones in Germany that will make the trip home with us and then become next school year's book bags.

The only one who needed a backpack to travel with was the youngest and, holy cow, I am totally in love with her little bag! It fits her like a glove, is lightweight and just big enough that she can carry water, snacks and her travel journal. We chose another bright color that should be easy to spot in a crowd if necessary. 



We have also started gathering what will become our travel journals. I am super excited about this! In many ways this will be a low-tech summer, compared to what my kids are used to, so I am looking forward to the kids replacing that tech time with journaling, coloring and reading. My goal is for us to journal regularly... let's see if I can make that happen! 


That is as far as we have gotten so far.


I need your help. Share your best travel advice, favorite travel equipment, apps, and helpful hints! 

I could use some all the help I can get! 

Thank you in advance!