Summer Makes Healthy So Easy...but.....

Buuuuuut, I still have to pep talk myself through a few healthy habits just as a reminder. (Am I alone on this one?)

And not because I am not a pretty healthy person. I am.... honest!

You see, summer is MADE FOR HEALTHY. It is made for fresh air, sunshine and just-picked food from your yard. Summer wants Farmers Markets, fresh pressed juices and vitamin D.

On the flip side, summer is also made for sleeping in, sitting in the backyard with a good book, watching the kids play only to decide I don't want to cook.

Or maybe the scenario is me and the kids hitting a few trails and deciding on ice cream for dinner. (It has happened. More than once but that is all I will admit to...)

Then there are beach days when I really want to just order a pizza because I am soooooo in relaxation mode that standing in front of the stove seems completely ludicrous. 

Any of these things once in a while is no big deal. But knowing any of these situations can get out of hand is how I keep it all in check.

But it isn't just food stuff either. Summer should definitely lean toward FUN (in this girl's humble opinion) but I still try to keep what we call "brain work" in our day-to-day schedule, too. I like to have the kids keep up with journals, reading and other things. However, despite good intentions, sometimes I look at their journals and notice an ever-so-thin layer of dust on them (oops!) and realize, goodness, it has been a while, huh!

That is why I need a little pep talk to wrap my head around how once our school schedule and routines are done for the summer, I still want our life to have more than a twinkle of good health and balance. 

That is why this is the perfect time to start mentally preparing for how those healthy habits might need to be tweaked and re-enforced as school comes to an end.

Here are 5 things I do so that I don't completely destroy all our normal healthy habits away:

  1. Stock up on TONS OF FRUIT! Summer is all about fruit but we won't eat it unless there is plenty of it around!
  2. Prep lots and lots of salads. I keep up with my mason jar salads but also take a day to make side salads for the week: orzo salad, a big kale salad, cabbage salad and others. It cuts down on prep during the week so I am less likely to order out when I feel lazy.
  3. Water! We have to stay hydrated so I am back in the habit of creating our own flavored waters to keep things interesting for both myself and the kids.
  4. Keep up with journaling. We used to journal together in our house which I loved because it was a great way to model good writing habits for the kids however, my oldest is more private and introverted so these days she prefers to be off on her own. It doesn't matter as long as everyone is spending some time putting pen to paper.
  5. Keep up with reading. Weekly trips to the library help keep everyone motivated as well as designating a certain time that everyone reads, like before bed.

Getting mentally ahead NOW can mean that you keep up with your healthy habits all summer long! 

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