Have Passports, Will Travel!

This summer we are taking our show on the road! 

Once the kids are out of school, we are hopping a plane and heading to Munich, Germany for the entire summer. (Did I just actually type that!?!) This trip is only possible because of the invitation and generosity of our family who live in Germany and are giving us a place to stay while we are there. 

With such an extraordinary opportunity, how could we say no?

The kids are checking out places in Germany they must see! 

The kids are checking out places in Germany they must see! 

Honestly, the whole thing still seems so surreal to me that we haven't done much planing outside of getting passports and buying plane tickets, but all of that is going to have to change. The kids, on the other hand, have been doing research and making lists of places they MUST SEE. That is a good start. 


I do have some overall goals for our trip. They include:

  • Spending as much time as possible with family. (My children have cousins they will meet for the very first time!)
  • Learning to live with less by packing minimally and focusing on experiences instead of memorabilia and souvenirs.
  • To immerse ourselves in German culture and to savor our time as (temporary) residents of Munich. 
A little light reading.

A little light reading.

Beyond that, from the perspective of an American holistic health coach who focuses so much of my professional life making healthy living easy for busy moms, I will also be paying special attention to lessons I can learn and share in the area of parenting and health while we are overseas. 

I am looking forward to sharing all of that with you.

Other than that, I really don't know what to expect!

 There will be ups. There will be downs. But all of it will be an adventure. 


And we want you to come along! 

I want to invite all of you to travel with us this summer. Be with us as we try new foods, try our hand at minimalist travel, and discover all the adventures that are on our horizon. Stay connected with Real Moms, Real Health via our free Facebook community, Instagram and Twitter. We can't wait to share this all with you! 


Eat well, be well,


P.S. Before we go, share your experience, insight and travel advice! What apps do you love? What sights should we NOT miss? How would you make the most of a trip like this? I can't wait to read your responses!!