Summer Adventure: The Kickoff!

Our block for the summer.  

Our block for the summer.  

Safe and sound, we have arrived here in Germany. With a total of 12 hours of travel, including getting to and from airports, a connecting flight, and a train ride to our summer residence, I can say I am relieved that we got here with limited amounts of crying, only one kid getting air sick and just one itty bitty public display of bad parenting. 

But we made it!  

To say I got a crash course in traveling with kids is an understatement, particularly traveling with 3 kids. You can only hold 2 kids' hands while walking through a busy airport and although they all want to hold your hand, you have to chose wisely.




Things come up that you can might not have thought out, like what happens when they fight over the window seat? What seating arrangement is going to work best (one person is going to have to sit across the aisle since seats are 3 on each side of the plane)? Do they have enough snacks? Are their bags too heavy now?  

Luckily Iceland Air hooked it up. Each seat has an iPad that has movies, like Up, Trolls and Brave, it has games, coloring and more. Plus every kid gets a snack pack.  That made a huge difference to our trip.

  This quaint little market is only a block away and featured grassfed, organic meats and cold cuts, amazing cheeses, fresh bread and veggies galore!

 This quaint little market is only a block away and featured grassfed, organic meats and cold cuts, amazing cheeses, fresh bread and veggies galore!

We were so happy to get make it to our final destination. Our accommodations are so beautiful and I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a wee-bit guilty that we were staying in my cousin's beautiful flat this summer and he is not. We have everything we need and more, plus we are right in the middle of an incredible cool part of Munich.

Hopefully our immense gratitude can make up for some of that.  

Our first order of business once we arrived was a bit of catching up with family followed by a mini-tour of our summer neighborhood. We have walking access to everything we could ever need: Bakerei (bakery), Metzgerei (butcher), Apotheke (pharmacy), 2 supermarkets, a playground (only 1 we knew of on that first day but discovered many more), a once-a-week Farmer's market that is just STEPS from our front door, restaurants, and shops galore. We are literally in heaven. 



After our tour we got down to the next matter of great importance: FOOD! The kids and I hit the Farmer's Market to collect our first dinner here in Munich: fresh dark bread, leberwurst, landjaegers, and lingonberries. All three kids and I agreed, that meal really hit the spot!  

It really reminded me of when I was a kid and we had German butchers and shops back home in Queens. But, of course, nothing is quite like THIS! 

Here is one of the highlights of our first meal. This is a malzbrot, "malz" meaning malt.  It is hard on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside. This is not something we find back home and we WILL be indulging this summer!



The First Night.... 

If I were a gambling gal I would have said that we would be so tired that first night that sleep would be a welcomed friend. But then the evil villain JET LAG showed up and changed everything.  My son was unaffected. He slept for 12 hours straight and only woke up because I woke him myself. The girls however, wow. Exhausted but could not sleep. They went from giggles to frustration to cries of defeat at one point.  They did, after what like an eternity, finally fall asleep.

As a result, they slept in until after 10am. Ah, the life.



Easing into things...

I am trying to find a balance between wanting to run out and see it ALL right away and, on the other hand, giving my kids a chance to adjust. Between time changes, language, culture, it can all be overwhelming.  So after our first night we stayed relatively close to home. We walked around the neighborhood, discovering more cool shops, lots of restaurants and (very important to the kids) lots of playgrounds. 


We worked up to bigger adventures throughout the week. I thought the kids might need to build up their traveling adventure endurance. They seem to fit right into the whole world of travel, discovery and appreciating new things. And just a few days in, the jet lag seems to have subsided. By day three they walked a total of more than 6 miles, went to be at a reasonable time and were back to getting up around 6:30.

Now THAT feels familiar! 

Stayed tuned for more from our summer adventure!  


Eat well, be well,