Traveling Healthy with the Kids


If you are reading this then you probably know two things: First, healthy living is a priority for me and my family. Second, we are spending this summer in the land of beer and pretzels.

Obviously this could be tricky.

I knew going in that it would be a challenge for me to maintain some semblance of a healthy diet while we are away but still indulging in the amazing sights, sounds and TASTES of Munich. 

Our saving grace is that we have a "home base" while we are here, a place to come home to each night, cook and eat. Not eating out 3 meals a day makes a huge difference because looking at any spiesekarte (menu) has me and the kids drooling at the mouth. It isn't always easy to choose the healthiest choice on the menu. I want to choose all of my favorites, some are a teeny bit less healthy than others. (Wink, wink)

So, with a home base, we are able to shop for many of our meals. At home I prioritize salads, fresh veggies and fruits while still adding some of the tastes of Munich that the kids love: leberkase, gelbwurst, bratwurst, weiswurst, and so much more. When we are off exploring we bring apples, crackers or carrots that we bought from the market. Not only do we have snacks on hand when we are out, we also avoid over-priced concessions should we happen to be in a popular tourist spot. 

Once we settled in and got a feel for the lay of the land, so to speak, I implemented 3 simple ways to maintain some healthy eating habits while we are enjoying our summer in Munich. These are 3 simple strategies you can use where ever you travel! 


Three Ways to Travel Healthy with Kids: 

1. Shop

Grabbing some of the basics is easy.... and seriously inexpensive.  

Grabbing some of the basics is easy.... and seriously inexpensive.  

Whether you have a home base or you are staying at a hotel, there are local markets, supermarkets and specialty stores SOMEWHERE.

Find them.

When you do, you will have some basics for either eating at home once in a while or at least having a few snacks for while you are out. You don't want to be stuck empty handed when you have a hungry kid and an ambitious list of things to do that day. 

Also, when you have some snacks on the go, you don't get stuck having to buy something in a tourist hot spot that is 12 times the price you would get somewhere else. Save the splurging so you can make the most of it.


A "snack pack" of carrots that we take with us pretty much everyday! Love these!  

A "snack pack" of carrots that we take with us pretty much everyday! Love these!  

2. Keep prioritizing fresh fruits and veggies. 


If veggies were important before, keep them that way. Snack on carrots, peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers and whatever else you and your little guys love. Plus, be sure to sample new fresh local veggies, too! If you prepare meals at home or the hotel, make sure to make veggies the star. 

My kids are obsessed with local wurst and cold cuts. I make sure they get them but also load the plate with other treasures from the local market.  

Photo credit: my son!  

Photo credit: my son!  

3. Water Bottles

Water bottles are key.  

You can save a ton of money by avoiding the purchase of water, soda and juice while you travel. We purchased water bottles while here in Munich that serve multiple purposes: part souvenir, part environmentally friendly choice, and big money saver.  I highly recommend always having a refillable water bottle when traveling.


These are 3 very simple strategies any health-conscious, traveling family can use while out on the road. Whether you are taking a day trip to a local destination or boarding a plane for an overseas adventure, it is definitely possible to continue to prioritize healthy eating while away from home. 


Stay tuned for more from our Munich adventure coming soon!  


Thanks for reading! Aufwiedersehn!