3 Secret Habits of Healthy Moms


We know they are heading to yoga after school drop off. 

We know they spend most of their time shopping in the produce aisle. 

We know they head to the gym and fit in a quick workout pretty regularly.


But what are the habits of healthy moms that aren’t jumping out at us on social media? What are we not seeing?




Today I am sharing 3 of the secret habits of healthy moms. These are the habits that are less obvious. This is the stuff that makes a huge difference but perhaps you wouldn't guess are happening. 

Adding these secret habits can help you further embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle, making it a permanent change for you and your family.  


1. Healthy moms learn and grow. They read, they take classes, they learn new skills. They listen to new ideas and find exciting ways to adventure outside of their comfort zone. They know that learning new things makes life fun and keeps their healthy life interesting. Healthy moms find local workshops, cooking classes, and more ways to keep healthy living at the center of life. 

Take action: Find a reliable source of local events and classes that you can refer to. Grab a girlfriend and try something new. If you need some local ideas, I recommend our Mason Jar Salad Workshop that is coming up SOON! 


2. Healthy moms know when to say NO. These ladies are not trying to take on every single task to the point of overwhelm and exhaustion. Nope. They know their limits and they say no. If their plate is currently full, they avoid volunteering for something they know they can't squeeze in. If they day is jammed with chores and errands, they don't feel badly taking a back up pizza out of the freezer and calling it dinner. 

Take action: Consider having a few back ups on hand in your own freezer for when you need to say no to a home-cooked meal. Get in the habit of checking in with yourself and assessing when you are at maximum capacity. It is ok to say no, ask for help, or let someone else step up. 


3. Healthy moms find community. I, personally, found motherhood itself a little isolating at first. Then, the more and more I left the “norm” and embraced healthier living, the more isolated I felt. I knew I couldn’t stay that way though. Not if I wanted to make this a lifelong journey. I had to find like-minded mamas and build a community. Via social media, local events, and more I was able to build an amazing community of like-minded moms to share support, ideas, recipes and laughs. 


Take action: Join groups on social media that are welcoming and full of moms with ideas and goals like yourself. The Real Moms Collaborative is one but there are many! Local events will give you the opportunity to meet moms face-to-face and grow your community that way as well. Check out the Moms Together, a weekly meet up for moms on a healthy mission starting soon in Mercer County New Jersey! If you are interested, be sure to sign up for more information. 


These are 3 healthy habits that might not be the most obvious practices of a holistically healthy mom but they are tremendously effective. Choose the one that you can connect to the most and commit to taking action as soon as possible. 


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