5 Quick & Healthy Dinners for Your Busy Week

Quick & Healthy DInners.jpg

Just like any other busy mom, my weekdays and nights are jam packed.

Work, physical therapy, PTA, household chores, after-school activities, gym, errands.... and don't even get me started if a child (or two or three) should fall ill.

But still, busy or not, I try like hell to prioritize having a healthy dinner on the table for the family and myself. 

I know this is a priority for you too. 

I also know that when our schedules are a little extra crazy we start thinking that the only way to survive is by ordering takeout or some similar option that temporarily bumps us off of our healthy track. 

It has happened to me too.

It doesn't have to be that way and that is why I am sharing 5 quick & healthy dinner recipes for when the schedules are overflowing and time is short. 

Each of these recipes is easy, healthy, and can be prepared in 10-, 20-, or 30-minutes. 

You'll pat yourself on the back after one of these dinners, I promise. 


Fish in Parchment Paper

Fish and veggies. You can't get much healthier than that. So simple and delicious, this is an easy way to stay on track during a busy week. This is really easy to put together and absolutely delicious.

10-Minute Sausage and Veggie Skillet

The really nice thing about this recipe is that there isn't even much chopping or prep work. I can have everything ready and into the skillet in just a few minutes. All in all, everyone is well fed in under a half hour. 

10-Minute Asian Zucchini Noodles

So here is the thing with this recipe, if you are really pressed for time, you can BUY pre-spiralized zucchini in almost every supermarket these days. You can shave off some extra time that way if you need to. Have some leftover chicken or other meat? Add it in! This is almost too easy to believe! 

Chicken "Rice" Bowl

Again, if you are pressed for time, many supermarkets have pre-riced cauliflower in the produce aisle which will make this recipe even faster and easier for you. This recipe is overloaded with veggies making it extra nutritious. Plus it has tons of flavor so everyone is happy! 

No-Cook Avocado Tuna Wraps

No cooking? How much easier can life get? Skip the bread and the store-bought mayo for this healthy meal that is easy to take on the go. Make this once and I bet it will become a staple in your house. 


Being prepared with healthy recipes during a busy week gives you the upper hand. You can stay on track. You can reach those health goals. Be sure to join our community to get a little extra inspiration and motivation!