Connect With Your Healthier Self


Let’s be real.

You know how once January 1st rolls around everyone is on a diet and back to the gym? And we all seriously have the best intentions. 

Yet it only takes a few weeks before many are back on line at the fast food spot and the gym is less and less empty. (I have been part of the same trend in the past. I know.) 

It isn’t because we didn’t really WANT those New Year’s resolutions to happen.  

We do. 

But if you ask me, it is harder for people to stay the course, especially busy moms like us, if we aren’t really connecting to our healthier self.

When we don’t authentically connect to our healthier selves, which should bring us pure drive and motivation, we end up falling off track.

I think that many times we decide, ok, that is it. I am cleaning up my diet starting today. We know we should but we haven’t bothered with the connection and spending time on our mindset. We just make a well-intentioned but superficial commitment that is almost surely going to fail.  It sounds like a good idea, we know we really need it, but we haven’t embraced that idea on a deeper level and that is our mistake. 


We haven’t connected with our healthier self.  


When we mistakenly skip connecting to our healthier self, that person living inside of us that thrives on clean eating and a more active lifestyle if we just gave her a chance, we get the same level of commitment from ourselves that we gave when our parents told us we needed to clean our rooms. Sure, we knew we should but, eh, we still probably weren’t going to see it through until the shit hit the fan and your mom was screaming at you.  You know, when the situation hit a critical stage and it was “do or die”. The same is sometimes true for us with healthy living decisions. Many people don’t make the commitment until they are in a “do or die” situation. 


It is time to connect with your healthier self. 


What does that mean? 


Get to know that healthier version of you. Think about her. See her in your mind’s eye. 

smiles in water.jpg

What is she doing? Is she smiling? Laughing? How does she feel?

How does she dress? Is it different from how you dress now or the same?  

What time does she get up? What does she do in the morning that is different from what you are doing now? 

What does she eat? How does she stay active? What does she say yes to? What does she say no to? 


She is you


She is the you that you want to connect with. She is the you that you want to embrace but embracing her is more than restricting your calorie intake temporarily or depriving yourself because you think you “should”. She is the you that will thrive once you take the time to truly connect to her, her motivation, her drive, her commitment. 

She is the you that you have to already see in your mind and attach your conscious self to her.  


She is you. 


When you can bridge the gap between the healthy mom you see in your mind and your day to day routines, you can truly affix yourself in healthy living. After all, she is you and you are her.  


And you can absolutely do this. There are some simple ways to connect with your healthier self. 

1. Visualize/meditate. Do this more than once. Take a few days at least to spend time developing the idea of and connecting to your healthier self.   


2. Journal. Similar to visualizing your healthier self, write everything you can about that inner you. Describe everything you can about her. There is no right or wrong on this. Just get it all down on paper.  

3. Set intentions each morning. Setting intentions helps you bring the goals of your healthier self to your day to day life. Think about what you how you want to approach your day. You can write out your intentions or repeat them to yourself.  

4. Reflect. A daily practice of reflecting on the day can help you connect. Whether by journaling, jotting a sentence of gratitude in your planner, or while sitting in quiet reflection, checking in with ourselves and evaluating how we feel about how the day went is a great way to assess our progress. 


Once you make that connection you will find that embracing your wellness goals is easier, more organic. You stop trying to force something on yourself and just flow into a healthier lifestyle piece by piece. The struggle ends and the thriving begins.  


Building a healthier lifestyle can be easy when you start at the beginning. When you truly feel connected to your healthier self, kick things off with our 3-day Healthy Mom Makeover. 


Commiting to a diet just becasue it is New Year’s or promising to hit the gym 5 days a week are both almost like starting in the middle.  


Start at the beginning. Connect to your healthier self. Then kickstart with the 3-Day Healthy Mom Makeover. Put yourself on the right track once and for all.  


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