25 Simple Ways to BE PRESENT Over the Holidays


The hustle and bustle of the holidays can really distract us from the true spirit of the season, sometimes even stress us out. It has happened to me countless times over the years.

There is lots about the holiday season that I love: the lights, the hot cocoa, the time with family and friends. That stuff can all stay.

The parts I can do without are the rushing around, the stress, and anything that really misses the point of the season.

I really wanted to make a special effort this year to honor this season for all it is meant to be and to truly celebrate the season by just being present. I want to be present for my kids, my family, friends, and even myself. (That is why I am scheduling a 90-minute massage right smack in the middle of the busy season. Maybe you should too!)

Being present isn’t about stuff. It is about time and relationships.

Together with my three children, we put together a list of all the fun ways we could be present with each other this holiday season. Take a look at what we came up with but also think of your own. You can embrace any one of these ideas with your kids, with friends, or just solo.

25 Simple Ways to BE PRESENT Over the Holidays:

  1. Look at old photos.

  2. Find your favorite movie from when you were a kid and watch it with your favorite movie snack.

  3. Make dinner for a friend and surprise them.

  4. Stay up waaaaay past bedtime.

  5. Rip up old magazines and make a collage.

  6. Watch old videos.

  7. Tell the story of how you met your one true love.

  8. Make a coffee date.

  9. Bundle up and watch the sunrise.

  10. Read to each other.

  11. Pick 5 new photos to frame.

  12. Make hot cocoa from scratch.

  13. Put together a new puzzle.

  14. Build a snowman or woman. Give him or a her a name and then tell their story.

  15. Learn a new card game.

  16. Handwrite a note to a loved one.

  17. Draw each other’s portraits and hang them up.

  18. Have a dance party.

  19. FaceTime someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

  20. Build an empire… with Lego.

  21. Have a snowball “party” (because that sounds like more fun that a snowball “fight”).

  22. Take a winter hike.

  23. Have breakfast for dinner because this classic never gets old.

  24. Have a candle light dinner.

  25. Write your own fun idea down on a slip of paper, add it to a mason jar, and choose a new idea whenever you have a chance!

You can probably tell we tried to think of ways that didn’t cost tons of money and didn’t require too much tech time. We were aiming for ideas that could happen at the spur of the moment and as the opportunities presented themselves.

I bet you have a few wonderful ideas of your own. We would love to hear about them so please consider yourself invited to join our free online mom community, The Real Moms Collaborative. Come join the fun and share your ideas with us!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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