Summer Self Care Essentials

I didn't include an awesome sun hat on my originally list, but I am starting to regret that...

I didn't include an awesome sun hat on my originally list, but I am starting to regret that...


I already adore this season: my kids are home, schedules are more relaxed, days are longer, fresh fruit and veggies are everywhere... what's not to love?

Besides all of the regularly-scheduled awesomeness, I always like to set some professional and personal goals as a new season begins. (If we have been acquainted for a while, you probably already know that about me.) 

For this summer, one of my personal goals is to recommit to self care. In fact, I would say I have made a pretty serious commitment to self care this summer. 

It is safe to say that self care is an important part of my life already, but like any busy mom some things get put off, postponed, shortened, replaced, or any other 1,000's of ways we can be going along and suddenly realize, oops, something is missing. 


This recently happened to me in a conversation.


So there I was, just minding my own business moving through the day-to-day of my busy life. A mom friend of mine was discussing crazy schedules, stress, and all the fun that comes with motherhood. When we finally began discussing stress management and self care, she innocently said to me, "You dry brush everyday, right?" 

Well, wait. 
I didn't this morning.
I didn't yesterday either. 
You know what?
I guess I haven't actually used my precious dry brush in a few weeks. 
Omg, a few WEEKS!?! How did THAT happen?


See, there was this HUGE block of my life when I did, indeed, dry brush every single day. 


And it was lovely.


Then there was those few days when one of the kids were sick, then I was sick, then our schedules changed, then they changed again, then we went away for the weekend,... 

...and now here we are. WEEKS since I last used my dry brush. 


I know I am not alone.

Life just runs us round and round sometimes and when we stop and check in, we realize a few things have gotten neglected. 

No big deal, it is totally normal. And the only way to deal with it is to embrace where you are, release the guilt, and start anew. 

For me it is with self care. If you are like every single other mom I know, you have got a little extra room for self care, too. 


What kind of things do you need to make summertime self care awesome? Let me show you a few simple things! 


So naturally this is where we are going to start. You can join me in a serious re-commitment to dry brushing on a daily basis. You can rest assured that there are even more positive benefits to this healthy habit that go beyond what you can see and feel. 

Check out more info on dry brushing in this quick read.  



Ready to add some self love and positivity to your life? Then you oughta grab these sassy affirmations. Starting your day with an affirmation is something that sets the tone for the rest of the day. I see the difference in my day when I make time for this each morning. These cards are so darn cute you can even incorporate this into a family activity this summer. 



Mamas, no summer would be complete without letting go of all stress and responsibilities while sitting on the beach. In the summer, this is the ultimate in self care. Grab your beach chair, fill up your water bottle, grab the sun screen and dig those toes in the sand. 



Whether you create a summer habit of gratitude journaling or daily reflections, grab a journal like this one and head outside. Spiral bound journals are perfect if you are writing in the yard, on the front porch during the sunrise, or even at the beach. 


Nothing oozes self care like a luxurious bath at the end of the day. I love these homemade bath bombs because they are made with some of my favorite things, like shea butter and essential oils. Believe me, if you don't make time for this it will never just go for it! 

A summer of self care can absolutely happen outside of these fun extras that you might include. Creating a morning ritual of setting intentions, quiet mediation, and a healthy breakfast is just one simple way you can make it happen. 


Only you know where you want to begin. 


After you spend some time thinking about your own personal summer of self care, be sure to share with me and other health-conscious moms in our online community, the Real Moms Collaborative. It is the perfect spot if you need any more inspiration, some motivation, or accountability!