5 Days of Back to School Breakfasts

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I am a big believer that our best work can't happen without GOOD FOOD. 

Good food is the foundation of clear thoughts, better moods, and the right kind of energy. All the things our children need in the morning before heading off to school. 

This list is a collection of healthy, real food breakfast options that can help your little ones put their best foot forward as they head back to school this year.

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  1. Sweet Potato Hash and scrambled eggs. This breakfast is great- you can get the prep work done quickly, set it in the oven, and simply scramble a few eggs to serve with it once it is done. I love sweet potatoes in the morning because they are so filling and provide sustained energy through until lunch. Perfect for kids heading back to the classroom! 
  2. Overnight Oats. Need more time for yourself in the morning? No problem. The work for overnight oats happens the day before so your effort in the morning is minimal (maybe even non-existent!) I found a great link with 8 different delicious ways to make overnight oats and your kids will love them. They won't disappoint! 
  3. Spinach and eggs. A simple and quick way to give your kids a healthy protein plus healthy greens in the morning. I have made spinach and eggs in 5 minutes or less whenever I'm in a pinch and running out time. Simply begin by scrambling your eggs. About half way through, add a few huge handfuls of raw baby spinach. Once the eggs are cooked through, the spinach will be wilted. Salt, pepper, and DONE! (Of course if you are feeling extra fancy, you can add some cheese or additional seasonings.) 
  4. Avocado toast. Simple, filling, and DELICIOUS. How can you go wrong? The basic idea is to toast up your favorite bread. (Ours is Ezekiel bread!) and then spread a perfectly ripe avocado onto your toast. Again, salt, pepper, DEVOUR! Are there ways to jazz up this breakfast option? Sure! Check these out. 
  5. Banana Pancakes. Still a classic in this house that is always a crowd pleaser! If you want to put a fun fall twist on this simple dish, try this

And just like that you have completed a whole school week with healthy breakfasts that are good for your children's bellies and brains. 

I know you are an amazing mom trying to raise a healthy family. I hope these 5 breakfast ideas help you on that journey! 

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Have an amazing school year everyone!