Six Summer Crockpot Recipes So You Can Set it & Forget it!

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Summer is for laughing, swimming, exploring, and relaxing.

NOT for spending hours in a hot, hot kitchen. (unless you want to, of course.)

There are lots of simple ways to spend minimal time in the kitchen while still maintaining all of your healthy and delicious standards for summertime dinners..

One easy way is to dust off your trusty crockpot.

Yes! Even in the summer.

I usually take a hiatus from the crockpot during the summer. I have other healthy hacks that I rely on out of good habit to make sure the family and I are well fed every (ok, most) days. But on a recent stroll around the internet I found a few really awesome crockpot recipes I had to add them to our menu.

And just because I love you I thought I would share some of those awesome crockpot options with you!

Take a look at these 6 Summer Crockpot Recipes!

Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken thigh stew by KarinCooks. This simple recipe has only 8 ingredients. You probably have them in your kitchen right now. I am thinking I will serve this over greens or maybe even some farro.

Spicy Shredded Mexican Beef. I can already picture a dozen ways to eat this: over rice and veggies, tucked into lettuce cups, packed into a baked sweet potato,… and the list goes on. This recipe can’t help but be delicious.


Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos Because nobody wants to skip TACO TUESDAY just because it is summer! This recipe includes an InstaPot variation as well. That can make everyone happy…just like tacos.

Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs. I love this recipe from Dinner Then Dessert. Sabrina, the author, is so thorough and gives us lots of options for smokier dry rubs, or tangier sauces. Even with the tweaks, the whole things is pretty simple and looks delicious.

Quinoa Black Bean Stuffed Peppers. Need an awesome Meatless Monday idea and want to make it in your crock pot. I gotcha! These stuffed peppers are easy to prep and have all the ingredients for a delicious meal. These look like they will win in my house.

Slow Cooker Pineapple Pork. I can’t resist the combination of pineapple and almost anything else. (Except pizza. I haven’t ventured there.) This pineapple and pork recipe sounds divine.

Set one of these simple recipes up in your crockpot and forget about it! Then go ahead and get yourself outside to soak up this gorgeous summer sun!

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