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3 Ways To Embrace & Love Your Momma Bod

Throughout my life I have spent a lot of time creating unrealistic body goals for myself. For a long time I was focused on dieting and felt that if I could just fit into a certain size or see a particular number on the scale then most of my problems would be solved. 

It is safe to say I have done some growing since those days.


However it would feel like an eternity until I got to the point in my life, THIS point, where I feel absolutely grateful for the body I live in. 


Let's face it, having a healthy body image in our younger years can be a challenge, but it doesn't necessarily get easier once we enter motherhood unless we put in the effort it takes to change it.


I have gone through a shift in thinking that has led to me embracing this momma bod of mine, along with all the quirks and changes that come along with it. 


Today I pay much more attention to myself, how I feel, and all the ways this body has blessed me. I embrace and love this body.


And I am much happier for it.


If you are on a path to strengthening your self love and embracing your amazing momma bod, consider these three ideas:


1. Ditch the scale. If you want to feel rebellious liberation and take a huge step toward the loving embrace of your gorgeous momma bod, ditch the scale. Your body is a miraculous thing. Your heart beats without prompting, breathe moves through you without fail, and you move through everyday thanks to that body of yours. Release yourself from the burden of being defined by what is on a scale. It isn't telling you much. You already know what you need to know: your body is a blessing, not a number.

2. Replace negative self talk with positive thoughts. When you catch yourself saying, "Man, I could lose 5 pounds," or "Ugh, not looking forward to being in a bathing suit," exchange those thoughts for, "I am so proud of myself for fitting in that 2-mile walk after work," or, "I can not wait for all the fun we are going to have at the beach today!" We deserve better than to beat ourselves up with negative self talk. It is time to cut that out of our lives. make the effort to add more loving, positive self talk to your day.

3. Make choices that feel like you are honoring your body. Forget about thinking of healthy food choices with restriction and deprivation. That whole mindset can feel torturous and doesn't do much for making us feel embraced and loved. Instead, approach food choices with an end goal of feeling nourished and fueled. Go after foods that help you feel amazing. That is a mindset that comes from a place of self love and makes healthy eating so much easier.

women at sunset.jpg

This idea doesn't have to stop at food choices. Go ahead and make fitness choices, clothing choices, girls night out choices that feel like you are honoring your body when you make them. There is no limit to how you can apply this to your life. And no limit to how positive the impact can be.



Here is the point: your body is beautiful, strong, wondrous, and worth celebrating. If you were waiting for someone to come along and tell you so, consider yourself told. Now it is time for you to strengthen that belief for yourself. 



5 Ways to Feed Your Family Organic on a Budget

feed your family organic.jpg

Moms like us are always looking for ways to keep our families happy and healthy. Homemade meals, fresh snacks, and lunches packed with love are just the start. 

If you are a mom on a healthy mission like me, you might prioritize eating organic as well. Organic foods are produced with less pesticides and other toxins and can often have more beneficial nutrients than conventionally grown foods.

Personally, I wanted to reduce the amount of toxins my family was consuming for many reasons but doing so without a plan has the potential to break bank! 

But it doesn't have to! 

You can absolutley include organic food in your family meal plan without breaking your weekly food budget. I want to share with you some simple ways to do just that.


Here are 5 ways to

feed your family organic on a budget:


1. Know the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15.

boy and strawberries.jpg

You don't have to buy EVERYTHING organic. If you know which produce is the dirtiest (contains the most pesticides and other toxins), you know which produce to prioritize. The dirtiest produce is a great list to start buying organic. If you know which produce is the cleanest (contains the least amount of pesticides and other toxins), then you know which produce you don't necessarily need to buy organic. 

If it is a choice between one of the other, your Dirty Dozen list should go organic first.

Here is the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen list to get you started.


2. Shop Your local Farmers' Market.

Your local Farmers' Market can be a treasure trove of less expensive organic foods. Without having the expenses of packaging, shipping, and marketing products to different stores over long distances, local markets usually feature area farmers who are just trying to sell their latest harvest, including organic farmers. Most of the time, this is much less expensive than organic foods in your supermarket.

Want to find your local Farmers' Markets? Click here. 



3. Plant a Garden.

You really can't get less expensive than growing your own! Besides saving money on organics, you get the added satisfaction of cultivating your own food. One of our personal favorite sources of seeds is Seed Saver Exchange. Definitely worth checking out. 


4. Reverse Meal Plan.

Instead of selecting recipes and then shopping for all of your ingredients, first see what is on sale. Shop for discounts and sale items first and then get creative with your bounty! This is a great way to save money. 

This can be a little scary at first but did you know there are websites like this one where you can search recipes by ingredients? That might help! (This is one too!


5. Coupons! 

I know what you are thinking, healthy, organic foods rarely have coupons in the Sunday paper. However, coupons for organic foods are out there. Companies like Organic Girl, Earthbound Farm, and others will send you coupons upon request! Check them out! 


Saving money on organic is possible. Try these 5 tips will help you feed your family organic on a budget. Which one of these strategies is first on your list to try?





Moms Together: Why a Mommy Mastermind Could be Everything You Are Looking For!



When I first became a mom, it was the happiest, most overwhelmingly beautiful time in my life. 

Joy, upon joy, upon joy.

It was also somewhat terrifying and isolating. 

What do I do? Why is she crying? What foods do I try and when? Am I going to break her!?! 

I mean, oh my goodness, I made a human! And now I have to care for her!  


It was all all I could think about.  


I planned, analyzed, read, planned some more, all in between clawing for some sleep, scraping together some meals, and stressing myself out about doing everything wrong.  


Feeling like I didn’t know much as a new mother was kind of normal. (Sometimes I feel like I don’t know all that much as a now experienced veteran mom) Eventually things started evening out, I could put a child down for a nap, throw in some laundry, chop up something for dinner, and maybe even sit down for 5 minutes.

I suppose things become manageable enough that I added a couple more kids into the mix.

Much of the mommy years thus far are a blur but one thing has been true in the beginning and is still true now, that I wanted to get this motherhood thing as close to “right” as I can. I want to feed the kids the best foods, stimulate their brains, love them up, support their individuality, push them to explore, take them on adventures, reduce the toxins they are exposed to, fill them with positivity,... 


Oh my lord, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 


But we all have big goals as moms, right? 


Maybe those goals shift, change, or get replaced with time, experience, and circumstance, but we all have loving intentions of raising happy and healthy humans.  

I know that staying the course on those intentions comes with challenges, so hang on. I am about to get to how TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE OUR HEALTHY MOMMY GOAL EASIER! 


Now, if you could allow me a second to go off on a mini tangent, I promise it will make sense pretty quickly:

Since becoming a mom, I have started an amazing business that brings me so much joy. After I launched my business all those years ago, I knew I would need a few things to be successful: accountability, support, a place to bounce ideas and receive meaningful and loving feedback. 

So, I began a mastermind group for women like me as a way to find and give the support it takes to reach those business goals. It is one of my favorite things and has made a huge difference to me as an entrepreneur. (Keep that in mind as we move forward now.) 


Now back to this mommy thing....


Recently, I was speaking with one of the inspiring moms and entrepreneurs that I am lucky enough to call a friend, Saima Yousuf of The Heart Of Art. I realized during our conversation that as a mom, I really wish I had a motherhood version of my business mastermind group. I mean, think about it:

I’ve been rocking this motherhood thing for over a decade now. I still might not have all the answers but I do have the blessing of experience. That experience has helped me realize that motherhood can become an extremely isolating experience loaded with errands, carpooling and stress... and a whole lot more.


But there is a flip side!


Motherhood offers us a rich community experience that we can share with other moms. We can become a part of something bigger, something we do not have to go through alone or even have all the answers to on our own!


Indeed the greatest resource we have as moms is our mom community.


women at sunset.jpg

What if you could get together once a week with like-minded moms in a supportive environment?

What if we could talk about topics relevant to moms like us, whether it be about raising a healthy family, making time for self care, short cuts to food shopping and food prep for the week, or any of the millions of other things we could talk about...?

What if we could share ideas, make a plans, stay accountable, and get support? 


I don't know about you but I am thinking... AWESOME!  


And from this brainstorm I am so pleased to announce the launch of...


Moms Together, a weekly Mommy Mastermind

focused on healthy family life but SO MUCH MORE. 




Moms Together will meet once a week 10am on Sundays at The Heart (a re-envisioning if the space formerly known as The Heart of Art) located at 2374 Nottingham Way. 



 Moms who could use some supporting with healthy living, but also love to supporting other moms as well. Moms who need new ideas, accountability and a chance to talk through a plan for the coming week. 



 Moms Together members will reap so many benefits of being part of a supportive community of moms who are building a healthier, happier life.  

Benefits include:  

  • being a part of a supportive and inspiring community
  • sharing new ideas and strategies
  • goal setting/ creating intentions for the week ahead
  • healthy hacks for saving time


Topics include- 

  • healthy meals on a budget
  • meal planning  
  • food prep
  • picky eaters
  • self care
  • detox ideas
  • healthy hacks
  • stress management
  • ...and more


If this sounds like the support and inspiration you need to rock your mom life, come join us for a HUGE Open House on April 15th where we will give out great special offers on the Moms Together Sessions. If you can’t make the Open House, click here to stay posted on updates including schedules, discounted rates and more! 


Moms Together is a fun weekly mommy mastermind for rockstar moms like us. I hope to see you there!