5 Days of Back to School Breakfasts

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I am a big believer that our best work can't happen without GOOD FOOD. 

Good food is the foundation of clear thoughts, better moods, and the right kind of energy. All the things our children need in the morning before heading off to school. 

This list is a collection of healthy, real food breakfast options that can help your little ones put their best foot forward as they head back to school this year.

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  1. Sweet Potato Hash and scrambled eggs. This breakfast is great- you can get the prep work done quickly, set it in the oven, and simply scramble a few eggs to serve with it once it is done. I love sweet potatoes in the morning because they are so filling and provide sustained energy through until lunch. Perfect for kids heading back to the classroom! 
  2. Overnight Oats. Need more time for yourself in the morning? No problem. The work for overnight oats happens the day before so your effort in the morning is minimal (maybe even non-existent!) I found a great link with 8 different delicious ways to make overnight oats and your kids will love them. They won't disappoint! 
  3. Spinach and eggs. A simple and quick way to give your kids a healthy protein plus healthy greens in the morning. I have made spinach and eggs in 5 minutes or less whenever I'm in a pinch and running out time. Simply begin by scrambling your eggs. About half way through, add a few huge handfuls of raw baby spinach. Once the eggs are cooked through, the spinach will be wilted. Salt, pepper, and DONE! (Of course if you are feeling extra fancy, you can add some cheese or additional seasonings.) 
  4. Avocado toast. Simple, filling, and DELICIOUS. How can you go wrong? The basic idea is to toast up your favorite bread. (Ours is Ezekiel bread!) and then spread a perfectly ripe avocado onto your toast. Again, salt, pepper, DEVOUR! Are there ways to jazz up this breakfast option? Sure! Check these out. 
  5. Banana Pancakes. Still a classic in this house that is always a crowd pleaser! If you want to put a fun fall twist on this simple dish, try this

And just like that you have completed a whole school week with healthy breakfasts that are good for your children's bellies and brains. 

I know you are an amazing mom trying to raise a healthy family. I hope these 5 breakfast ideas help you on that journey! 

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Have an amazing school year everyone! 


Good Grades Are Made In the Kitchen

It is time again for book bags and lunch boxes as our little humans are heading back to school. 

(Is it just me or did summer just wiz by?) 

Some of the first things we think about once the new school year begins are school supplies, first day jitters and all that paperwork coming home after the first day. (Ugh.) 

As the grown ups on the scene, we are also taking stock of how much good nutrition our kids are getting on a regular basis. As the gate keepers of the food in our house, us grow ups need to make sure our healthy eating habits are on point... Or at least as close to it as we can get right now. 

Back To School time the perfect time to check in with what is going on our plates and our lunch boxes, too.

Our kids' nutrition, whether good or bad, will have a strong impact on their school year and that is another reason to make and maintain healthy eating habits for our kids. In a study published in the Journal of School Health, reports cited show a clear link between eating a healthy diet and higher academic performance. Students who had a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, protein and fiber outperformed students who ate a more processed diet, high in salt, sugar and unhealthy fats (not to be confused with GOOD FATS!) 

In an article published in the Chicago Tribune, we are reminded that kids need the right foods, (aka "healthy fuel"), to sustain them throughout the day of learning. Sugar, highly processed foods with unnatural ingredients, food coloring and other unhealthy ingredients should be something we try to reduce and eliminate from our children's diet. 

It is not hard to believe that a child who has a diet high in sugar, as most highly processed foods are, finds it harder to concentrate and focus in and out of school. This same child is more likely to have less energy as well. This is all directly linked to academic performance but are also the recipe for increased risk of having one or more chronic disease later on in life. 

All of this is preventable. All of this can be turned around with good, healthy food. 

Now I can't guarantee a full scholarship to the Ivy League school of your choice courtesy of kale and carrots, but we can all give our kids the best opportunity to achieve academically and beyond by giving them the nutrition they need.

Easier said than done, especially for moms who already have their hands full, right?


As a busy mom with 3 kids myself, I get it.  

You don't have to make major changes overnight. In fact, I don't ever recommend that.

Instead I recommend making one or two small changes a week. Keep things simple!. 

Here are 3 simple changes you can make to add more wholesome, nutritious foods into your kids' diet:

  1. Swap out one processed, packaged snack for a piece of fruit. (Psst, it helps to have lots of colorful choices that hang out at eye-level of the young'ens. Just saying.) 
  2. Include one or two fresh veggies in their lunch box. Experiment a little, too! Being a little adventurous led me to discover that 2 favorite things for my kids are raw fennel and raw white mushrooms! 
  3. Encourage your kids to try new things by letting them choose something new from your local fruit and veggie aisle. The first time I ever cooked yucca here at home was when my son (3-years old at the time) just had to try it!

So there you have it! 3 simple ways to continue to improve your kids' diet!

One step at a time, you can make healthy living EASY for you and your family!  

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Thanks for reading, Momma!

Eat well, be well,



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Kicking Off the School Year Right!

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images


Before we even begin this post, let us have a moment of silence for the end of summer. No more staying up late catching fireflies, no more sleeping in and then heading to the beach, no more flying by the seat of our pants as I do with my kids all summer long. 


It is time to start setting alarms, managing time (or at least being better about it!) and creating some awesome routines that are going to make life this school year freaking amazing. 

In the near future I will start having my mob get used to their normal, earlier bedtime and start getting in the habit of waking up at a time they would for school.

That seems like a pretty standard "get ready for back to school" routine, right? 

But there are other super simple strategies that anyone can start using now. These healthy habits will flow right into the new school year with ease and help make sure that our kids have a well organized and positive start to the school year.

Check them out and see which strategies will work for you and your kiddos!


          1. Lay out clothes the night before.

Whether you pick out your children's clothes or if they do it for themselves, choosing outfits the night before eliminates rushing and stressful decision making first thing in the morning.  As a mom, I see this as having one less thing to be watching over in the morning. When the kids wake up and already know what they are wearing there is less chance of arguing over outfit choices or being consulted a dozen times about what matches what. You and the kids can start the day feeling calm and in control and you can stay focused on the rest of your tasks at hand! (Like cooking a healthy breakfast!)


          2. Set the table the night before.

Again, it doesn't much matter if you set the table or if the kids do this for themselves but here is another task you can check off the night before when time is more available. You will be glad to not have to do this in the morning when time can be more limited. Like strategy #1 you eliminate an extra task and can begin the day in a stress-free way. Also, if the kids are setting the table it promotes responsibility and time management! (Bonus!)


          3. Replace late night tech time with reading

Studies have shown that late night tech time can interfere with sleep quality, how quickly children and adults fall asleep and result in daytime sleepiness. No thanks!

Time spent at night with computers, cell phones, tablets and other devices can negatively impact daytime performance for us and our children. We can make a positive difference in the quality and quantity of sleep by setting limits to late night tech time. Having a tech-free cut-off time for both CHILDREN AND ADULTS (Yes, mom and dad, you guys too!) is a healthy idea. Replace what used to be time in front of a laptop, tablet or TV with reading or even experiment with journaling, nighttime yoga or whatever works for you. Try different things and see what fits best with your family! 


If you are looking for ways to give your kids a solid, healthy start to the school year these ideas are a great place to start! These nighttime routines will set you up for a smooth morning so you and your kids can have an awesome day and school year! 

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Michelle Obermeier is a busy mom of three as well as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and owner of Real Moms, Real Health. She studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In addition to giving workshops and lectures, she works with busy moms to lose weight, have more energy and implement a healthier lifestyle in their household by giving them new tools and lots of support to reach their goals. To learn more about her programs, here on her website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram