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It's Not Too Late To Have a Healthier Family, Right?

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I meet a lot of busy moms. 

A lot. 

I really can't tell you how often I have talks with moms who say things like, "It would be great if my kids would eat more veggies, BUT they already have some bad habits. Kind of too late, right?"

Moms often tell me a bit about their family lifestyle, sometimes with a lot of, "I know, I know, its bad!" (even though I promise, I am never judging) and then finally they ask what they really, truly want to know, "It is not too late to be a healthier family, right?" 

I know that sometimes the work it takes to create new healthy habits for yourself, your kids and maybe even your partner seems intimidating but it can be done.


People make changes all the time. They make changes that can last the rest of their lives if they want them too. This includes children, who in my experience, are some of the most adaptable humans in the world. We can all change.

I, myself, haven't always been "super healthy mommy health coach lady". (Have you read my story? You can check it out here.) And if I can change, and continue to change (because, Honey, this is a journey, not a destination) then anyone can. Yes, even WHOLE FAMILIES! 

One thing to consider is your approach. You know your family best so I am not going to give you a script to use or anything like that. I will tell you what approach almost never works: that is the family meeting where you announce that you are completely overhauling all of their meals, habits, and creature comforts forever! 

Don't do that. 

Here is what you should do:

1. Read this list of 40 things you can do to have a healthier family right now (or at least in the very near future). There are 1,000's of ways to be healthier so don't stop with just this list. However it is a great place to start!

2. Pick one, two, but no more than three things from this list to focus on this week.

3. Get some accountability to keep you focused. This is a game changer so please don't skip this step. Accountability matters. Can I do that for you? Oh hell yes. As a holisitc health coach it is my life's work and I am passionate about it. I love this work so much I give away free breakthrough sessions. Yes I do!

But hear me when I say it does not have to be me. It can be your sister, your gym partner, even another health coach! If you want healthy changes that stick, you have to have accountability. Get some. 

Now for the list...


How to Have a Healthier Family Right Now

  • Add an extra veggie to tonight's dinner.
  • Try a riced veggie with a meal this week.
  • Go meatless on Meatless Monday.
  • Try water instead of juice or soda.
  • Include one extra salad in a meal this week.
  • Try a new healthy recipe.
  • Swap out a sugary cereal for steel cut oats. 
  • Have fruit for snacks this week.
  • Add a new color to your lunch/lunchbox. (purple grapes, green beans, red raspberries?)
  • Take something you normally buy from the supermarket and make it from scratch at home. (Hummus, salsa, salad dressing?)
  • Add a veggie to breakfast.
  • Swap a cup of coffee for green tea instead.
  • Start filling at least half of any plate with veggies.
  • Make your own trail mix.
  • Try making your own bone broth.
  • Go on a walk after dinner even if it is chilly.
  • Walk or bike to school.
  • Play outside before starting homework. 
  • Say a family mantra in the morning.
  • Stretch. 
  • Try a new family activity like rock climbing, kayaking, or camping.
  • Include a multivitamin for everyone in your home, even you, Mom.
  • Cook together.
  • Make your own green juice.
  • Turn off the tech and read together.
  • Declutter and create space.
  • Add green plants that help detoxify your home.
  • Model self care.
  • Practice yoga together in the morning or evening.
  • Try kombucha.
  • Visit a farm and connect to where food comes from.
  • Reward the kiddos with something other than food. 
  • Spend more time outdoors.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Talk about the nutrients in food and why you need them.
  • Go to bed earlier.
  • Wake up earlier.
  • Create a healthy meal plan as a family.
  • Pack snacks when out on adventures.
  • Celebrate every healthy victory! 

Remember, you are not tackling all of this. You are picking 1, 2 , or 3 things that you can manage this week. Next week, add something else! 

If you want to make things even easier, join our amazing email community right now. There is really no reason to do this alone. You can do this. 





Little Indulgences for the Healthy Mom

Even the healthiest moms like to indulge once in a while. 

I can't say I am the healthiest mom so I will admit that I like to indulge more than once in a while. In fact, I truly think that little indulgences can be a really fun part of life, even a healthy life. 

Something that helped me to not over-indulge in the naughtier things in life was when I expanded what I considered an indulgence. Once upon a time I thought of an indulgence as a banana split after a bacon double cheeseburger. Ok, ok, I still dive into a bacon cheeseburger once in a while but it is a rarity these days thanks to the idea of crowding out. I have added so many other indulgences that there is really no room in my life for some of my old choices. 

The idea of crowding out means that I avoid telling myself, “Never again!” as in “NEVER AGAIN shall we have a banana split!” Or “NEVER AGAIN will we have a glass of wine with dinner on a random Monday evening.”

The term "never again" feels like a very long and sad life sentence. 

So I ditched the idea of "never again" and started ADDING IN! 

I added in more, more, more of the GOOD STUFF! I started expanding what I thought was a treat, what counted as an indulgence. 

Do you want to know what I consider an indulgence these days? 

Take a look! 


Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle but I consider it an indulgence because it can be a bit more costly than my standard olive oil... although I do find great deals much more often these days. (Psst, like the one I included here! It is worth a peek!) Avocado oil is high in those awesome healthy fats and antioxidants. It is also an excellent addition to your diet if you are hoping to promote skin regeneration and reverse the aging process on a cellular level. And yes, you will hear me say things like, "Mmm, I can't wait to eat my salad. I have avocado oil today." Funny but true.  If you want to read more about Avocado oil you can check out a short but informative article HERE. 




I can't put my finger on it: is it the alone time? Having someone help pretty you up? The pampering? Who cares!?! Taking the time for a manicure and/or a pedicure is ah-mazing. My personal touch is to go with some home-brewed green tea. A fancy travel cup doesn't hurt either. 




Yea, nothing is going to beat chocolate.

These days, however, I don't indulge in 28 bite-sized halloween style chocolates. Nope, I have upgraded myself to higher quality and absolutely delicious chocolates and feel pretty decadent myself when enjoying a square or two. (Yes, that is actually enough to be satisfying!) I have a new favorite on my personal chocolate scene, Raaka Chocolate from Brooklyn. Definitely worth checking out. One of my longtime favorites that are local to us here in Central NJ is Mecha Chocolate. Amazing stuff! Lastly, as a matter of convenience, I might add an Endangered Species chocolate to my Amazon order. I mean, you have to have a little chocolate in the fridge at all times, right?



Epsom Salt Bath

For me, an epsom salt bath takes a little planning. I mean, I have to figure out when everyone will either be asleep or out of the house because that is the only way I am getting an uninterrupted bath. If I can manage all the right calculations, this is a total treat. Not only does it feel like an indulgence but it is so healthy, detoxifying, and relaxing. Worth it every time! 





Want to go bigger?

When you treat yourself to a massage everything seems right with the world. I will admit this is a treat that I don’t indulge in often enough but even if it is only once in a blue moon that you make this happen for yourself, it is worth it.  




Holistic Beauty Products

Treating myself to healthy beauty products that are free from harmful ingredients is one of my favorite indulgences. Bath gels, facial scrubs, firming lotions, BRING IT ON! There are a few that I love but Neal’s Yard Rememdies have products have been my favorite for a long time now. 



Building a healthier life doesn’t mean that moms like us can’t indulge. With a simple shift in what we consider an indulgence, we can treat ourselves and be spoiled in a way that respects our healthy lifestyle.


This list is just the tip of the iceberg.


Ready to feel spoiled?  Which one of these indulgences are calling your name?








5 Quick & Healthy Dinners for Your Busy Week

Quick & Healthy DInners.jpg

Just like any other busy mom, my weekdays and nights are jam packed.

Work, physical therapy, PTA, household chores, after-school activities, gym, errands.... and don't even get me started if a child (or two or three) should fall ill.

But still, busy or not, I try like hell to prioritize having a healthy dinner on the table for the family and myself. 

I know this is a priority for you too. 

I also know that when our schedules are a little extra crazy we start thinking that the only way to survive is by ordering takeout or some similar option that temporarily bumps us off of our healthy track. 

It has happened to me too.

It doesn't have to be that way and that is why I am sharing 5 quick & healthy dinner recipes for when the schedules are overflowing and time is short. 

Each of these recipes is easy, healthy, and can be prepared in 10-, 20-, or 30-minutes. 

You'll pat yourself on the back after one of these dinners, I promise. 


Fish in Parchment Paper

Fish and veggies. You can't get much healthier than that. So simple and delicious, this is an easy way to stay on track during a busy week. This is really easy to put together and absolutely delicious.

10-Minute Sausage and Veggie Skillet

The really nice thing about this recipe is that there isn't even much chopping or prep work. I can have everything ready and into the skillet in just a few minutes. All in all, everyone is well fed in under a half hour. 

10-Minute Asian Zucchini Noodles

So here is the thing with this recipe, if you are really pressed for time, you can BUY pre-spiralized zucchini in almost every supermarket these days. You can shave off some extra time that way if you need to. Have some leftover chicken or other meat? Add it in! This is almost too easy to believe! 

Chicken "Rice" Bowl

Again, if you are pressed for time, many supermarkets have pre-riced cauliflower in the produce aisle which will make this recipe even faster and easier for you. This recipe is overloaded with veggies making it extra nutritious. Plus it has tons of flavor so everyone is happy! 

No-Cook Avocado Tuna Wraps

No cooking? How much easier can life get? Skip the bread and the store-bought mayo for this healthy meal that is easy to take on the go. Make this once and I bet it will become a staple in your house. 


Being prepared with healthy recipes during a busy week gives you the upper hand. You can stay on track. You can reach those health goals. Be sure to join our community to get a little extra inspiration and motivation!