Mommy Mantra

In This Moment of Motherhood

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I am just going to slow down

I will relax my face, my heavy shoulders, my loving arms,

I will let the weight of everything flow downward as I relax my legs all the way down to my very toes.

I will breathe in this moment of motherhood.

I might feel stress, anger, joy, or weariness,

But it doesn’t matter.

I accept that whatever I am feeling will pass.

However before any of this has a chance to flutter away as it inevitably will,

I want to be present in this moment of motherhood.


I will take this chance to look at my child,

To notice the shape of her face, the color of her eyes, the curl in her lashes.

I will notice the sounds she makes: the laughs, the chatter;

I will notice her movements: her hair falling to the side, the curve in the corner of her mouth, the rise in her chest as she breathes.

I will notice it all.

I know in a flash this will pass but until then I am all about this moment right here.

Hey Momma,

Use this mantra to help you break free from the daily hustle so that you can breathe, find your center (even just for a moment), and take a snapshot of this very precious moment.

We easily let these little moments slip between our fingers as we struggle to meet the many needs of the day. Use this reminder anytime to give yourself a chance to slow down and take it all in.


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