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Real Moms Summer Reading List

If there is ever a shot at me reading a WHOLE BOOK it is going to be in the summer. Lots of lazy mornings out in the yard, relaxing afternoons at the beach and evenings on the porch while the kids are playing. 

I have recently found myself in serious need for inspiration in all aspects of my life: food, motivation, my inner mojo... all of it. 

So I reached out to a very trusted and respected section of my tribe, The Mom To Mom Mastermind Network, to ask for recommendations for books to help get me on track. The MTMMN is a mastermind group I created over a year ago with the help and support of some amazing rockstar mom-trepreneurs who were looking for a little added support, motivation and a safe place to discuss business related ideas. I love these women. And I trust them. 

When I asked for books that they identify as "life changing", they didn't let me down. 

So now I have this amazing summer reading list that I WILL get through (I am promising myself). I figured I can't be the only busy mom out there who needs some extra motivation and inspiration so why not share this list with you. I hope you find something here that inspires you in the most positive way. 


Cheryl, Bohonyi, a fellow holistic health coach with Real Life Wellness, specializes in working with moms with large families.I have know Cheryl for years and deeply respect her insight. I always love Cheryl's realistic approach to everything, especially health and wellness.  Her recommendation is a book by functional medicine doctor, Frank Lipman,  The New Health Rules. 



In many ways, I think of Katiusca Guzman of Becoming You Portraits as a mentor. The beautiful way she sees the world with grace, creativity and mindfulness is an inspiration. When she makes a recommendation, I listen. Well, when I asked Katiusca to share a recommendation of books that deeply inspired and influenced her, she had two by two different amazing authors. As a transformation mentor, I am not surprised Katiusca chose two books about transition and personal growth. I plan to dive into both of these books by end of summer.

Kaitlyn Rodriguez is the owner of Breathe Yoga Studio in Hamilton, NJ. She is one of its many amazing teachers as well. Kaitlyn is a colleague, collaborator and a dear friend.

One of the most awe-inspiring things about Kaitlyn is her heart-centered approach to everything in life. When I asked her for a book that changed her life, it all kind of made sense. Her recommendation was The Four Agreements, a book about releasing ourselves from the ideas that hold us back and creating a new mindset that allows us to grow and thrive. Perfect.

The fifth member of our mastermind group a rockstar mom of three and owner of Above All Tutoring, Melissa Russo. Like many mom-trepreneurs, she is finding ways to make being a full-time mom and a successful business owner work. Even with her primary focus being on family, Above All Tutoring is rapidly growing and is highly recommended by its clients.

Now, when I asked Melissa for a book recommendation, she laughed. Like many of us, Melissa couldn't remember the last time she had a chance to dive into a good book. I can relate. I am making a clear effort to change that in my own life but I know how hard it can be to fit in one more thing. Melissa has been asking  advice on healthy food choices lately so I recommended a book to Melissa that would support her and her family's healthy lifestyle. I recommended Food Rules by Michael Pollan. This book helped me realize how simple good nutrition should be. Super straight-forward, enjoyable and literally a book you can read in a day. (I promise!) I always go back to this book. 

This is my summer reading list as created by women I truly trust and respect. If you are looking for a good book to inspire you in terms of health and nutrition or in a deeper way that encourages personal growth, I think there might be a book here for you. 

If you have a book that changed your life, please tell us about it in our free online community the Real Moms Collaborative.  We would love to hear from you. 


Thank you for reading. 

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