Healthy Holidays

The Holiday Wish List of a Healthy Mom (kitchen edition)


The holidays are here again and it is time to think about GIFTS!  


Sure, gifts are not what the season is all about but they sure are fun. And if you don’t mind my confession here, I love to watch people’s faces when they unwrap a gift picked out just for them.  


Of course choosing just the right gift is not always easy.  And sometimes, moms like us who are trying to live our healthiest life, can be tough to shop for. 


So for the healthy moms in your life or for ideas for yourself, here are some of my current favorite holiday wish list additions! (The kitchen edition!) 



1.  Instant pot

So many moms already swear by the convenience of this kitchen gadget. Watch for some pretty great deals on this tool for making healthy meals so much easier! 



2. Spiralizer

The easiest way to make healthy cooking FUN for the family is the spiralizer. Creating string zucchini, sweet potatoes , beets and more makes mealtime so much easier when kids are involved. Get the little ones in on the process and it is a win-win for everyone! 



3. Salad spinner

An absolute necessity for anyone who stocks up weekly on fresh greens. Not only is this great for cleaning off your greens, but once spun, your greens can remain in the spinner and used as short-term storage, making them last a little longer. I can't live without mine! 


4. Bees wax wrap

Make your kitchen a little more eco-friendly by using Bee's Wrap instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. I wrap food for my hubby in it that he takes to work daily. It is so easy to clean, dry and then re-use! We absolutely love it! 



5. Matcha green tea set

This is something I gifted to myself a while back and still can't fully explain how the process of making matcha green tea with a set like this is one of the calmest practices in my day. This is the easiest way to put stress aside and practice a bit of self care, not to mention nourishing yourself with the many health benefits of matcha green tea. 


6. Immersion Hand blender

This is one thing on this list I personally can't believe I don't own yet myself. For soups, sauces and even blending drinks, the immersion blender seems like a must have. Since I have a small kitchen I hesitate to add larger items, but this essential tool can fit right in a drawer, taking up less space. This seems like a great addition to any kitchen!  

Wishing everyone a happy season of gift giving! 


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