How Can Busy Moms Be Healthy Moms?

I get asked this question all of the time: "You are so busy! How do you fit it all in and still live a healthy life?"

Well, I should start off by saying I am not without my faults and flaws and I certainly do slip up from time to time. Who doesn't? 


... I do, for the most part, manage my household, 3 kids, my business and everything else while still eating healthy, squeezing in some fitness here and there, and doing my best to stay balanced.


Well, the biggest reason why busy moms like me are still healthy moms is PLANNING

It isn't magic or something only "super moms" can do. It just takes some very simple planning.

The less we leave to chance and the more we plan, the better prepared we are to make each day a healthy day.  

Think about it: if I first open the door of my refrigerator at 5pm and ask myself, "Now what should I make for dinner?" I run a big risk of there not being the right ingredients, feeling rushed and becoming unmotivated. Pretty soon I am inclined to order take out and well, if we are being honest, we don't usually make the healthiest choices when we go that route. 

However, same day, same time EXCEPT in this version of the scenario I have a meal plan already in place, some of my vegetables are already chopped up and my pans and utensils are waiting for me on the stove, well, that makes my healthy choices so much easier and I am more than likely going to stick with my healthy plan. 

So, are you with me?

There are lots of simple ways to plan ahead to keep your life on a healthy track without making it a 3 hour, full team, strategy and coordination meeting. No. We are moms and we are already busy enough. We can make this simple but effective and I want to share with you some ways that I make it work. 


Here are 3 ways I plan ahead in order to make healthy living easy for me:

  1. Meal Planning- Waiting 20 minutes before mealtime to figure out what you are going to have can backfire on your healthy lifestyle. Make meal choices in advance so that you can prepare ahead AND avoid impulse choices! For some moms that means creating a plan for the week on Sunday and sticking to it. Other moms plan one or two days at a time the night before. Make this idea work for you and if you need more ideas about meal planning, check out this article from This is a great info for newbies and an excellent refresher for veteran meal planners! 
  2. PLAN Your Next Move- This strategy makes a huge difference in my life. If I plan on doing yoga in the morning, before bed I lay out my yoga mat. In the kitchen, I set up the pots and pans I need for breakfast the night before. After breakfast, I set up for the next meal so that no matter what kind of ups and downs I face during the day, I am more likely to stick with my original healthy plan! For more ideas on this topic, you can check out ideas specifically for a healthy morning! Just CLICK HERE. 
  3. Schedule It- Do you want to hit the gym 3 times this week? Don't wait and see how the week goes to find the time. We are more likely to give in and cancel on ourselves. No, you are worth it so schedule the time! Decide when you can go and put it in the calendar. Same goes for any self-care practices, girl time, date nights and anything else that helps us create a happy and healthy lifestyle. Plan for it and then put it in the schedule. You are so much more likely to do it if you wrote it down. 

This a great way to get started creating a happier, healthier life or to continue building on the foundation you already have. I have more ideas to share for you and your family, too! For even more ideas, join our online community for busy and HEALTHY moms like you and me. It is a great place to share ideas, find inspiration and a community with fellow moms. 

If you want to do even more than that, email me today and we can schedule some no cost one-on-one time together! For a 30-Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session, email!