Salad dressing

Simple Salad Dressings That Take Your Salads To a New Level


At some point in adulthood we realize Mom was always right, we really DO need to eat our veggies. 

Everything we read, watch and absorb leads us to the conclusion that we can't achieve our healthiest self without focusing on veggies. 

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you are getting a big, healthy serving of veggies each day is by eating a fat and colorful salad almost daily.

If you want to be sure that you actually eat your salad, be sure to fill your salad bowl with all of the veggies you love to eat.

Something else you can do to keep your salads interesting and something you look forward to eating is by mixing up the salad dressings you are using. There are more and more healthier dressings on the market these days that use minimal ingredients and are still full of flavor.  We want to be careful about the dressings we choose however. It really is a shame to chop up a nutritious salad full of the healthiest raw veggies only to drown them in artificial flavors, preservatives, and trans fats. 

To avoid this you have 2 choices: read your labels carefully OR make your own simple but delicious dressings right from home. 

Today I am sharing 5 simple and oh-so-delicious salad dressing recipes that are perfect for your next salad or the bottom of your mason jar salads:


Olive Oil & Lemon dressing

This dressing is so simple but the garlic and lemon add all the right flavors to any salad. I love this dressing and make it often! 


Green Goddess dressing

Personally I prefer my green goddess dressing without mayonnaise. This healthier version is a preference for me. 


Mustard Salad dressing

Like mustard? Add a little spice to your salad with this easy to whip up dressing. I bet you have all of the ingredients at home now! 


Creamy Cilantro-Avocado dressing

I love avocado and anything with avocado calls my attention. This is an easy and fun dressing with tons of flavor. The cilantro is another bonus! 


Ginger Sesame Vinaigrette

I love venturing away from my standard olive oil for salads. This dressing uses one of my favorites, sesame oil, as well as some other amazing ingredients to create a delicious dressing.


There you have it! 5 simple dressings that use pretty wholesome ingredients and enhance your salad. A good dressing will keep you looking forward to your next nutritious salad!