The Healthy Mom's Guide to Being Summer Ready


Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. 

  • More time with the kids.
  • Longer days
  • Being outdoors like ALL the time.
  • BBQs
  • Summer fruits
  • Beach time
  • Hiking
  • Gardening

Where does it end? There is just so much to love about summer. 

Like the beginning of all of the seasons, this is a natural time for me to rethink and refocus, sort of making a plan in my head of how to approach the next few months. Often I set new goals and intentions. I rethink meal prep since I rely less on my crockpot and more on tossing things on the grill. And there is more. 

No doubt you are thinking about some of the same things. 

Because I am all about making HEALTHY so much EASIER for the busy mom, I thought putting a few ideas and strategies in one place would be useful for us all.

So, here are somethings you might be thinking about as summer approaches and some ideas and strategies for making them work for you. (With a healthy twist, of course!) 



One thing I adore about summer is how EASY it is to eat healthy! In the colder months I rely heavily on my crockpot and do a lot of meal prep on Sundays. In the summer I still do my planning and meal prep on Sundays but it consists of a lot more make-ahead salads that we can eat all week after we toss something on the grill as well as the planning of what is going on the grill and when. (So much simpler.) 

I love these ideas for salads you can make on Sunday but eat all week. 

These idea pair so nicely with a piece of fish that you can broil up quickly or some chicken tossed on the grill. It all keeps healthy meals SIMPLE.

Another healthy and easy salad idea is having "Salad Bar Sundays" (or Saturdays.... or Mondays. It really doesn't matter!) where you can just lay out all of the ingredients and, if your kiddos are old enough, everyone can make their own salads for lunch or dinner. We usually have a few rules like "You must have one of every color + a spoonful of whatever protein", but basically everyone is in control of their own plate. And you can make up whatever rules work for you. 

Oh! Here is one more idea I have to share! With the warmer weather I love having breakfast picnics are a fun idea as well. It is an easy way to give your kids lots of healthy choices and enjoy the fresh air early! Take a look at how we put together a simple outdoor breakfast picnic, this is just my favorites. 

If you are looking for even more ideas on healthy summer food ideas, consider joining us in our free online mom community, The Real Moms Collaborative. It is a one-stop spot for healthy ideas, recipes and motivation that will supply lots of healthy inspiration all summer long. 



Here is another part of my life I think just gets easier in the summer. The warmer weather means the family and I are outside so much more. And there are TONS of ways to stay fit and active. We take walks and hikes, play catch or tag, ride our bikes to the playground and more!

The ideas are endless.

In fact, here are 15 more ways you and the family can stay active this summer. 

And truthfully, with many of us on a more relaxed schedule throughout the summer, this is a great time to find yourself an accountability partner. Your girlfriend/neighbor/bff is more likely to say YES to an evening run, Saturday morning tennis, or weeknight laps at the high school track. All you have to do it ASK! 



Setting intentions around our children is usually something that happens right about now as well, Whether those intentions are about maintaining academic accomplishments from the last school year or maintaining some healthy habits throughout the next few months, there is usually something we are thinking about moving forward. 

For academics, there are a few things on my personal plate, one of which is maintaining my children's reading stamina. So they will all get reading logs and reading first thing in the morning will remain a part of our morning routines. 

Mom, if you need some inspiration for your own summer reading list, here it is. 

There are also so many inspiring summer bucket lists for kids that I love. This is just one that I that I wanted to share with you. A quick google search might reveal more that suit your family even better. 



As you are gearing up for an amazing summer, I hope this guide helps you get ready. There will be so many more updates so make sure that you stay connected by joining our email community. (Of course there is a free gift if you do!) 

Talk soon! 

Summer Makes Healthy So Easy...but.....

Buuuuuut, I still have to pep talk myself through a few healthy habits just as a reminder. (Am I alone on this one?)

And not because I am not a pretty healthy person. I am.... honest!

You see, summer is MADE FOR HEALTHY. It is made for fresh air, sunshine and just-picked food from your yard. Summer wants Farmers Markets, fresh pressed juices and vitamin D.

On the flip side, summer is also made for sleeping in, sitting in the backyard with a good book, watching the kids play only to decide I don't want to cook.

Or maybe the scenario is me and the kids hitting a few trails and deciding on ice cream for dinner. (It has happened. More than once but that is all I will admit to...)

Then there are beach days when I really want to just order a pizza because I am soooooo in relaxation mode that standing in front of the stove seems completely ludicrous. 

Any of these things once in a while is no big deal. But knowing any of these situations can get out of hand is how I keep it all in check.

But it isn't just food stuff either. Summer should definitely lean toward FUN (in this girl's humble opinion) but I still try to keep what we call "brain work" in our day-to-day schedule, too. I like to have the kids keep up with journals, reading and other things. However, despite good intentions, sometimes I look at their journals and notice an ever-so-thin layer of dust on them (oops!) and realize, goodness, it has been a while, huh!

That is why I need a little pep talk to wrap my head around how once our school schedule and routines are done for the summer, I still want our life to have more than a twinkle of good health and balance. 

That is why this is the perfect time to start mentally preparing for how those healthy habits might need to be tweaked and re-enforced as school comes to an end.

Here are 5 things I do so that I don't completely destroy all our normal healthy habits away:

  1. Stock up on TONS OF FRUIT! Summer is all about fruit but we won't eat it unless there is plenty of it around!
  2. Prep lots and lots of salads. I keep up with my mason jar salads but also take a day to make side salads for the week: orzo salad, a big kale salad, cabbage salad and others. It cuts down on prep during the week so I am less likely to order out when I feel lazy.
  3. Water! We have to stay hydrated so I am back in the habit of creating our own flavored waters to keep things interesting for both myself and the kids.
  4. Keep up with journaling. We used to journal together in our house which I loved because it was a great way to model good writing habits for the kids however, my oldest is more private and introverted so these days she prefers to be off on her own. It doesn't matter as long as everyone is spending some time putting pen to paper.
  5. Keep up with reading. Weekly trips to the library help keep everyone motivated as well as designating a certain time that everyone reads, like before bed.

Getting mentally ahead NOW can mean that you keep up with your healthy habits all summer long! 

You can stay connected with me and other busy moms all summer long by joining our FREE online group, The Real Moms Collaborative! I am looking forward to connecting with you there!