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How Can Busy Moms Be Healthy Moms?

I get asked this question all of the time: "You are so busy! How do you fit it all in and still live a healthy life?"

Well, I should start off by saying I am not without my faults and flaws and I certainly do slip up from time to time. Who doesn't? 


... I do, for the most part, manage my household, 3 kids, my business and everything else while still eating healthy, squeezing in some fitness here and there, and doing my best to stay balanced.


Well, the biggest reason why busy moms like me are still healthy moms is PLANNING

It isn't magic or something only "super moms" can do. It just takes some very simple planning.

The less we leave to chance and the more we plan, the better prepared we are to make each day a healthy day.  

Think about it: if I first open the door of my refrigerator at 5pm and ask myself, "Now what should I make for dinner?" I run a big risk of there not being the right ingredients, feeling rushed and becoming unmotivated. Pretty soon I am inclined to order take out and well, if we are being honest, we don't usually make the healthiest choices when we go that route. 

However, same day, same time EXCEPT in this version of the scenario I have a meal plan already in place, some of my vegetables are already chopped up and my pans and utensils are waiting for me on the stove, well, that makes my healthy choices so much easier and I am more than likely going to stick with my healthy plan. 

So, are you with me?

There are lots of simple ways to plan ahead to keep your life on a healthy track without making it a 3 hour, full team, strategy and coordination meeting. No. We are moms and we are already busy enough. We can make this simple but effective and I want to share with you some ways that I make it work. 


Here are 3 ways I plan ahead in order to make healthy living easy for me:

  1. Meal Planning- Waiting 20 minutes before mealtime to figure out what you are going to have can backfire on your healthy lifestyle. Make meal choices in advance so that you can prepare ahead AND avoid impulse choices! For some moms that means creating a plan for the week on Sunday and sticking to it. Other moms plan one or two days at a time the night before. Make this idea work for you and if you need more ideas about meal planning, check out this article from thekitchn.com. This is a great info for newbies and an excellent refresher for veteran meal planners! 
  2. PLAN Your Next Move- This strategy makes a huge difference in my life. If I plan on doing yoga in the morning, before bed I lay out my yoga mat. In the kitchen, I set up the pots and pans I need for breakfast the night before. After breakfast, I set up for the next meal so that no matter what kind of ups and downs I face during the day, I am more likely to stick with my original healthy plan! For more ideas on this topic, you can check out ideas specifically for a healthy morning! Just CLICK HERE. 
  3. Schedule It- Do you want to hit the gym 3 times this week? Don't wait and see how the week goes to find the time. We are more likely to give in and cancel on ourselves. No, you are worth it so schedule the time! Decide when you can go and put it in the calendar. Same goes for any self-care practices, girl time, date nights and anything else that helps us create a happy and healthy lifestyle. Plan for it and then put it in the schedule. You are so much more likely to do it if you wrote it down. 

This a great way to get started creating a happier, healthier life or to continue building on the foundation you already have. I have more ideas to share for you and your family, too! For even more ideas, join our online community for busy and HEALTHY moms like you and me. It is a great place to share ideas, find inspiration and a community with fellow moms. 

If you want to do even more than that, email me today and we can schedule some no cost one-on-one time together! For a 30-Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session, email Michelle@RealMomsRealHealth.com! 



Dinner In 20 Minutes or Less (It is possible!)

As a busy mom, one of the toughest times of the day is dinner time. When everyone first walks through the door until we sit down for dinner, a busy mom can be scrambling! Between homework, finding soccer cleats and softball gloves, watching the time so we aren't late for sports or other extra-curriculars... all while struggling to execute a dinner plan can be challenging.

For busy moms, our time, energy and sometimes even motivation to create a healthy dinner can be threatened by everything else we are trying to balance in that one little window of time.

We CAN give ourselves an edge though. The more we set ourselves up to make dinner easy,  the more success we can have with that. 

I want to share with you the strategies any busy mom can use to help put a healthy dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less.  

Yes, it really is possible!  

If I can do it for breakfast (and I do) and I can do it for lunch (which I also do) then why not dinner?  

Here are 4 easy ways to make sure you can have dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less this week: 

1. Leftovers. Ever hear the phrase, "Cook once, eat twice"? Well, I think it should be any busy mom's motto in the kitchen. Making twice as much food as you need for one meal means that you are ready to simply re-heat the second half of that meal later in the week. Stews, chilis, and other one pot meals are great for this. Salads, side dishes and main dishes can all work, too. So whatever you are cooking tonight, double up!  

2. Prep Day. An easy way to have dinner on the table fast is already having veggies chopped and prepped ahead of time. A simple shrimp and veggie stir fry is quick to cook up and having already prepped those veggies when you had more time, like on the weekend, makes that meal ready even faster. Looking ahead on your meal plan for the week, decide what things you can do on a prep day so that dinner during the week is a little easier.  (I am showing all the members moms in the Real Moms' Inner Circle even more simple ideas and strategies for prep day. If you are a member mom or would like to be, click here to log in!) 

3. Use a Crockpot or Instapot. Everyone knows I am a big fan of my crockpot. A few minutes of preparation in the morning and by the evening my healthy dinner is already made and ready to feed hungry little faces. Many times I use my crockpot on my prep day to make an extra meal ahead of time, too. Then I know I only have to heat up that meal later in the week.

I am actually new to the Instapot but many moms love it the same way I love my crockpot.  Since this is new territory for me, but it sounded like something every busy mom would want to know about, I asked one of the amazing moms from our online community, The Real Moms Collaborative to fill me in on this magical thing called the Instapot. This is what Maria told me:

As a busy mom, I love my Instapot! It has made many dinners so much easier! There are many recipes for one pot meals which means only one pot to clean. It has many functions including "sauté", so you can brown your meat before pressure cooking your meal in the same pot. It seemed intimidating at first but I was sold after just the first use! I can set it and then use my time for other things rather than standing over the stove!
Maria, rockstar mom & member of the Real Moms Collaborative

As someone who is always looking to make healthy living easier, I might have to ask Santa for an Instapot this year. Sounds awesome! 

4. 20-Minute or Less Recipes. There are so many healthy and easy to prepare recipes out there. Of course a quick search will provide you with more than you need. Some of my favorites are a simple stir fry and chicken and veggies dishes that are easy and kid-approved! 


Would you believe me if I told you that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making dinner quick and easy for busy moms? 


There is actually so much more to share that we have dedicated an entire issue of the Real Moms' Inner Circle to MAKING DINNERS EASY for busy moms like us. This issue is full of easy strategies, helpful tips, short videos that are full of useful tips that even the busiest mom can use to take the chaos out of dinner time. 

The Real Moms' Inner Circle is an exclusive online community and resource hub for members created with busy moms like us in mind. You get game-changing info in bite-sized chunks, (I did that on purpose, with your busy life in mind), support and motivation. The Inner Circle will help you make healthy living easy AND it is super affordable (I did that on purpose, too!) at only $5.99/month. 

But, you can just check it out for FREE for the next 30 days. That is just a gift from me to you. 

If you join, I will add you to our private accountability group where we are sharing 20-Minute recipes this week, plus a whole lot more!

I will see you there!


As always, thank you for reading! 

Eat well, be well, 


Michelle Obermeier is a busy mom of three as well as a certified holisitc health coach and owner of Real Moms, Real Health. She studied at the Institue of Integrative Nutrition and is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In Addition to teaching workshops and seminars, she works with busy moms to lose weight, have more energy, and implement a healthier lifestyle in their home by giving them new tools and lots of support to reach their goals.  To learn more about her programs look HERE ON HER WEBSITE  or follow her on  FACEBOOKTWITTER or instagram

The Busy Mom's Healthy Pantry

Once upon a time my pantry was full of bright labels, cans that claimed to be "Mmm, mmm, good" and boxes that claimed that if I added just 2 ingredients I would have a dinner, a cake or some other miraculous result. 

Slowly, very slowly, that began to change. The more I learned about food and nutrition, the more I was able to make one positive change at a time. I didn't do it all at once. For one thing, I am a creature of habit and change comes slowly for me (just being honest, haha!) but going sow was best because  changing everything at once would be overwhelming. I went at my pace which is what I recommend each of us should do: make change at a pace that works for us. When we do this, we are so much more likely to stick with it. 

As I was making changes, it looked something like this:

When my old peanut butter ran out, I decided whether or not to switch brands, make my own or leave it out of my pantry from then on. I made that kind of decision when I finished the pasta, or the cooking oil I was using, everything. And bit by bit I built a pantry that fit my changing understanding of what healthy looked like. 

I am the first to admit that I am still a work in progress but I have figured out some key pieces to healthy living.  One essential piece to have in place is a well-stocked pantry that supports healthy living. 

I am going to share with you the 3 things that my healthy pantry always has in it. 

1. Glass jars

Instead of stocking up on over-processed and chemicalized foods like boxed pastas, flavored rice and artificially colored kiddie snacks that fill the millions of square feet of supermarkets in every neighborhood, I now stock up on healthier choices at the local health food store. I can buy grains, raw nuts, seeds and dried fruits in bulk which saves me money but also puts healthier choices within reach. After buying these minimally processed foods, I simply transfer them to basic glass jars for storage. 

Using glass jars have multiple benefits:

  • My top reason for using glass is that it is just cleaner. Because it is non-porous, food and germs can't get absorbed into glass jars like it can in plastic containers. Also, toxins don't pass to the food as they can when storing in plastic.
  • Glass is eco-friendly.
  • Glass containers are easy to use and clean.
  • Let's not forget that a pantry full of glass jars is just a whole lot prettier and is easy to organize.


2. Coconut oil


Once I learned the basic benefits of coconut oil there was no turning back for me. Coconut oil is a constant staple in my pantry. Coconut oil is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Coconut oil reduces inflammation, improves brain function, boosts the immune system and the body's ability to fight cancer, supports healthy digestion, is a great source of energy and the list goes on! 

Coconut oil can be used for:

  • cooking
  • on the skin
  • in hair
  • as a carrier oil for essential oils
  • and more! 

If you haven't come over to the coconut side....maybe it is time you did! Do a little research of your own and if you decide it is time to introduce coconut oil to your home, I am including one of my favorites at the end of this post. 

3. Back ups

I am a mom. I am busy. A day can go from calm and easy to chaotic and hectic at the drop of a hat. 

Literally, the wrong hat or wrong color cup can set off a whole downward spiral off. 

Moms know that I am absolutely serious here.

So, I have some back ups on hand. A few containers of organic soups, a package or two of organic mac n'cheese, things like that. They might not get used for a while, but that is ok. The reason why they are there is so I can successfully avoid a desperate call for take out when a day falls apart.

An organic mac n'cheese is a choice I can live with a little easier than some of the take-out choices I have made in the past. It is not a question of IF I will have a bad day here and there, it is just a question of WHEN those days will come. When they do, I am ready. 


 FInd some of my fave products that I mention in this post: