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Something Magical Happened in my Home


I know you might find this really difficult to believe (I did too.) but there has been a bit of magic taking place in my home. With this little bit of magic, some of the most remarkable things have happened and I absolutely had to share with you.  

But first, a quick confession: I have been waiting to share this for fear of totally jinxing it. Yes, I was afraid that if I told you all it would bring this magic to a crashing halt. So I have been holding back until now.

However, at this point it has been a month and the magic is only getting stronger.  So I am taking a chance.

Just the tiniest bit of background here: during our summer in Germany there were many amazing changes that I saw in my children that I was truly hoping I could see continue once the summer ended. I think that maybe I might have hoped and hoped and hoped so much that this magic was the result. 

So here we are with magic alive and well in our home.  

What it has done for my children has been nothing short of miraculous.

They read so much more, sometimes for more than an hour a day. Yea I know. I want to call me a "liar" too, but it is true. Our local area book trader LOVES us.

But there is other stuff too.

Big sister helping my youngest. Melts my heart every time. 

Big sister helping my youngest. Melts my heart every time. 

They do puzzles, create games, make art, they write letters to friends and cousins. 

They continue to dry the dishes after meals (something that they began doing this summer), they take out the compost, help cook, set the table, and clean up their toys. 

We have family game nights, nights we color together and other nights where we are all just doing our own thing. 

We talk. We talk about what we are reading, we talk about what we are writing in our journals, about school, about the world and about the future. We talk a lot. I feel like we have redefined "quality time" for ourselves in a really special way. It isn't something we have to carve out space for, quality time is a new constant

This sort of magic might be normal in your house but it wasn't for us. Not like this.

Not until we turned off the TV. That is when the magic appeared and then it stayed.

During the month of September we have watched a total of 4 hours of TV. 


We watched Hidden Figures because well, that was just pure awesomeness. 

Then while my son had a sleep over with his cousin, the girls asked if they could watch some Smurf movie. Ok, sure. 

That was it. And that, my friends, was MAGIC. 


Planning a new journal page. The girl needs space. 

Planning a new journal page. The girl needs space. 

Not only am I thrilled to pieces over the changes I see in my kids, and even my husband and myself, but it goes to show that when you want to see DIFFERENT RESULTS, you have to go about it in a DIFFERENT WAY. In order to see change, something in our day-to-day lives needed to change. 

If you know you want something in your life to be DIFFERENT and BETTER, make your own magic. Decide what you can do to change that habit. It doesn't have to be something super extreme like eliminating TV from your life. (Although I highly recommend it!) . It just has to be enough to shake up the system a bit and create a different result. And if I can do it, believe me, you can too. 

Whatever change you are thinking about making, we want to hear about it and we want to cheer you on. Check out our amazing community of moms who are also making magic! Come be a part of moms supporting moms while all we work on making healthy and happy living easier in The Real Moms Collaborative. You won't believe how much inspiration I get from this group and I am sure you will too. 


Thank for reading! Now go make some magic! 

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