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Raising Healthy Eaters

Just how important it is to do my best to raise healthy eaters is something I think about a lot. 

But it is not always an easy thing to do.

I totally get the struggle of working to get kids on board with healthy eating. Whether it is just an occasional struggle or an everyday battle, we have all been there and will probably continue to go there. But keep reading because there is hope! 

One big reason why we have to find the motivation to continue promoting healthy eating in our home is because kids who eat healthy are more likely to become adults who eat healthy. Seeing the plague of increasing health issues in our country, it is more than obvious that we NEED to inspire our children to learn about, love and value healthy foods as if their lives depend on it. 

Because they do. 

Although the need for this is serious, the methods do not have to be all that complicated..

In fact, these 3 tips for raising healthy eaters that I am sharing with you now are actually pretty simple. 

So let's get started...

Raising Healthy Eaters:

1. Lead by example. 

You may be fixing your children a healthy meal three times a day but they are more likely to maintain that habit if they see you eating the same healthy foods. If you present them a plate of whole, healthy food but then you yourself are only having a cup of coffee, or microwaving something less healthy for yourself, the message that healthy eating is important gets lost. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that they are paying very close attention to what we do. So sit at the table together, eat the same foods and you will be sending a powerful, unspoken message to them about healthy habits. That is a message they are more likely to carry into adulthood.


2. Give choices.

I say this often and that is because it makes a real difference not only with my own children but for so many other moms and their children as well. Whenever one of my adorable mini-humans asks for a snack, I give a choice: olives or kales chips? Apple or pear? Hummus with cucumbers or carrots? No more open-ended questions when it comes to food! 

It is a win-win. They get the snack that they asked for. I get another healthy food in their little bellies.

Choices also help them feel empowered about food. They get a say in what they eat plus they are getting in the habit of picking something healthy, thanks to your guidance! 


3. Get them involved.

Do your children come along to the supermarket? In this month's monthly edition of the Real Moms' Inner Circle we are talking all about HEALTHY SUPERMARKET SHOPPING. One very effective way to get kids involved in healthy eating is by having them help make some of those choices. 

To get them engaged I will let one of my supermarket helpers choose a new fruit or vegetable to bring home. If there is nothing new and exciting that catches their eye, we just go with a favorite or two, but there is almost always something new that they want to bring home. 

I first tried yucca when my son spotted a 2-foot long yucca at our local supermarket. I am not sure when I would have tried it on my own but he forced my hand. We brought it home and made some delicious yucca fries that week! We have brought home and eaten a great variety of things since then, all thanks to my kids being involved in the shopping. 


One of the weekly healthy challenges in the Real Moms' Inner Circle community is to let the kids pick something new from the fruit & veggie aisle in the supermarket. I am really looking forward to seeing the choices everyone makes! 

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