25 Simple Ways to BE PRESENT Over the Holidays


The hustle and bustle of the holidays can really distract us from the true spirit of the season, sometimes even stress us out. It has happened to me countless times over the years.

There is lots about the holiday season that I love: the lights, the hot cocoa, the time with family and friends. That stuff can all stay.

The parts I can do without are the rushing around, the stress, and anything that really misses the point of the season.

I really wanted to make a special effort this year to honor this season for all it is meant to be and to truly celebrate the season by just being present. I want to be present for my kids, my family, friends, and even myself. (That is why I am scheduling a 90-minute massage right smack in the middle of the busy season. Maybe you should too!)

Being present isn’t about stuff. It is about time and relationships.

Together with my three children, we put together a list of all the fun ways we could be present with each other this holiday season. Take a look at what we came up with but also think of your own. You can embrace any one of these ideas with your kids, with friends, or just solo.

25 Simple Ways to BE PRESENT Over the Holidays:

  1. Look at old photos.

  2. Find your favorite movie from when you were a kid and watch it with your favorite movie snack.

  3. Make dinner for a friend and surprise them.

  4. Stay up waaaaay past bedtime.

  5. Rip up old magazines and make a collage.

  6. Watch old videos.

  7. Tell the story of how you met your one true love.

  8. Make a coffee date.

  9. Bundle up and watch the sunrise.

  10. Read to each other.

  11. Pick 5 new photos to frame.

  12. Make hot cocoa from scratch.

  13. Put together a new puzzle.

  14. Build a snowman or woman. Give him or a her a name and then tell their story.

  15. Learn a new card game.

  16. Handwrite a note to a loved one.

  17. Draw each other’s portraits and hang them up.

  18. Have a dance party.

  19. FaceTime someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

  20. Build an empire… with Lego.

  21. Have a snowball “party” (because that sounds like more fun that a snowball “fight”).

  22. Take a winter hike.

  23. Have breakfast for dinner because this classic never gets old.

  24. Have a candle light dinner.

  25. Write your own fun idea down on a slip of paper, add it to a mason jar, and choose a new idea whenever you have a chance!

You can probably tell we tried to think of ways that didn’t cost tons of money and didn’t require too much tech time. We were aiming for ideas that could happen at the spur of the moment and as the opportunities presented themselves.

I bet you have a few wonderful ideas of your own. We would love to hear about them so please consider yourself invited to join our free online mom community, The Real Moms Collaborative. Come join the fun and share your ideas with us!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hey, I’m Michelle. I am a busy mom of 3, a certified holistic health coach and owner of Real Moms, Real Health. 

I have simple strategies that any mom can use to make healthy living EASY.

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2019 Success Planning Sessions

success sessions.jpg

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.

Look beyond the holidays and the parties just for a second.

Right outside of the celebrations and busy time there is this amazing period where we naturally seem to reflect and look forward to the impending new year with hope and determination.

And I just love that.

I love looking back on my own year to celebrate what went well and to think about what didn’t. I think about what I have to try again and what to let go of. I think about how to grow and what realistic goals I want to set.

After that, the real work begins: working backwards, scheduling the time, creating a plan I can stick with, and finding the accountability.

This is where most of the moms I work with say they struggle.

Yes, we want to the amazing results but laying out the plan can be tricky.

Not only is it hard to find the time, it can feel overwhelming. Many of us tend to create plans that are too big for our daily schedule. Following through becomes a problem and before you know it you are doubting yourself or even giving up before you really even begin.

If you want to make this really work, ask yourself things like…

Am I being realistic?

What do I schedule first?

Could I go about this a different way?

How will I balance everything?



Most of my clients agree that the biggest help to their personal goals is having someone with experience and insight just HELP them figure out how to begin.

I get it because the same was true for me.

And that is why I am so excited about the 2019 Success Planning Sessions!

The 2019 Success Planning Session is a specialized coaching session designed for busy moms to do several things:

  • Identify THE success YOU ARE WORKING FOR this coming year.

  • Break down your goals into long and short term benchmarks and tasks.

  • Create a plan for success that is manageable and realistic.

  • Set up accountability and check-ins in order to monitor your progress.

  • Find the motivation and inspiration to rock each one of your goals in 2019!

The 2019 Success Planning Session is a 50-minute coaching call

with an email follow up.

2019 Success Planning Session are LIMITED so don’t wait to schedule yours.

The new year is an electric time of the year and

I LOVE to be a part of your success!

Save over 50%! Your session is only $29.99

These sessions are limited.

Get your discounted 2019 Success Planning Session today!

It should be the first thing you add to your new planner!

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Gifts to Give Kids Other Than STUFF!

gifts under the tree.jpg

Tis the season of love, joy, good will, and GIFTS.

You would be hard-pressed to find references to this holiday season that didn’t overwhelm you with the gift ideas at every turn.

But what to do when as the parent you could just do without more STUFF? Whether you are trying to reduce clutter, your carbon footprint, or just for practical reasons, like you don’t want to give a kid a gift they will grow tired of in a week, there are lots of reasons to give kids gifts other than more stuff.

But where do you begin?

I got you covered…

  1. Kid Cooking Classes. How cool would it be to give your kids the experience of of chopping, mixing, and seasoning all without the cleanup? Kids looooove to cook and the experience will be one they won’t forget. If you are here in the great state of New Jersey like I am, this link might help you locate a kids cooking class near you. If not, a quick google search should do the trick!


  2. Movie Tickets. Any parent knows that taking the family to the movies can be a costly event. Between tickets and snacks, prices add up. So how about making the movies on you? Holiday breaks are the perfect opportunity to put those gifted movie tickets to good use. AMC, Regal, and other theaters all have gift cards available. (Hint, look for special holiday promotions that are sometimes available.)


    3. Classes.  Dance, Art, music, photography, riding, gymnastics, fencing,... the list goes on. There are so many amazing classes available to children, you only have to look. As the gift giver, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you don’t have to find their next true passion, just something cool to have a try at. 

    4. Museum Passes. Even if it is a short train ride away, pick a really neat museum that will peak your child’s interest. Maybe even choose a museum your gift recipient might not visit with your encouragement. Giving the gift of a museum pass is such a cool opportunity to open brand new worlds for your child. 


    5. Time. With a handmade coupon or grand certificate you can grant your gift recipient quality time. You can spend your time anyway you choose: go out to eat, take a hike, try rock climbing, or leave it up to the kiddo in your life. The most important thing here is spending time with a very important person in your life. 


     And if you absolutely insist on wrapping a little something to go along with your thoughtful gift, a book will always do! Here are some of your favorites and one really adorable coupon book I had to include….

Our list of gifts to give other than STUFF is just the beginning! You can totally tell that you CAN give an awesome gift without adding to the anyone’s collection of, well, “stuff”.

But you know what?

I bet you have some pretty neat ideas for non-“stuff”- type gifts, too. Share your ideas below in the comments or in our free mom community on Facebook, The Real Moms Collaborative.

Together we can grow this list!

And hey! Let’s talk soon. xo

Hey, I’m Michelle. I am a busy mom of 3, a certified holistic health coach and owner of Real Moms, Real Health.  I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I am  Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In addition to giving workshops and lectures, I work with busy moms to find a healthy weight, have more energy and inspire health in their household. I have simple strategies that any mom can use to make healthy living EASY. Learn more about my programs by checking out my website.  And don't forget to follow me on FACEBOOKTWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

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