If You Are Going On a Diet January 1st We Can’t Be Friends

new years.jpg


Maybe that is a little harsh but let me clear the air on this once and for all...


We can agree there, right? 

Personally, I have been on diets before. Yup, I totally lost weight while I was on them.  

(Hear me out.) 


But as soon as I deviated from the plan, or counting the points, or measuring something out, it all fell apart.  


Because nothing really changed.

My relationship with food didn’t change. I was still craving those “naughty” foods but depriving myself so I couldn’t wait for a “cheat day”. I wasn’t able to eat outside of the diet in the real world and still maintain a healthy weight. 

It was just a temporary "fix". Nothing permanently changed.

Making temporary changes to your life that feel like torture are just never, ever, ever going to change your life long term nor make you anywhere close to happy. 

So let’s just agree that when we swear we want to make changes in the New Year, starting a “diet” is not the way to go. 

If you want change in the New Year forget about temporary changes that only disappoint.


Think bigger.  

Think long term. 

Think of the healthiest, happiest version of you and work backwards.  


For me, it was all about small, simple changes that I learned to love.  

Water, for example.  


Once upon a time I didn’t drink enough water. I changed that, little by little. Now if I don’t get somewhere between 60-100 ounces of water a day I feel it. And it isn’t a good feeling. I don't like that feeling and I always do what I have to in order to fix the situation. It is a simple and healthy change that I made years ago that is still a constant in my life.  


In honor of the New Year and the idea of making 2018 amazing (which includes you being your healthiest and happiest self, of course) let’s focus on these 3 small and simple changes that are going to make a big impact on your life.  

1. Crowd out the unhealthy stuff by crowding in the good stuff. Don’t deprive yourself anything. Instead, add more! Add more veggies, more fruits, more laughs, more movement, more self care. Add more, more, more. What you will notice is that by adding more of the good stuff you have less time or room in your life for the “other stuff”.  

2. Think about how you want to feel at the end of the day and work backwards. One of the first things I do in the morning is say a positive mantra and think about the end of the day. Do I want to feel satisfied that I finished a project? Do I want to look around and feel happy that I made time to tidy up? Do I want to be proud to know I loaded my plate with veggies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Whatever feeling I want to have, I focus on it in the morning and  move toward that goal.  

3. Stay hydrated. One of the simplest and healthiest changes you can make for yourself is to give your body the hydration it needs. Once you do this all sorts of good things happen to your body. 


There you have 3 simple ways to make 2018 healthier and happier without denying or depriving yourself of anything.  

You can do this. This new year is going to be full of amazing things and achieving goals. I look forward to being a part of that journey with you.  



Make healthy a whole lot easier.



5 Amazing Holiday Treats That are Easy & Healthy!


I know that the holiday season means so many of us are in the kitchen baking our little hearts out.  

For me, it means that I am pulling out all the family classic recipes. Now keep in mind that I am the first and only holistic health coach in my family so you can go ahead and assume that my classic family recipes consist of mostly sugar, flour, and then a bit more sugar. 

But hey, it is the holidays and a little indulgence is absolutely ok. Besides that, these recipes are amazingly delicious and along with the flour and the sugar come along tradition, happy memories, and family. So there is always room for those recipes in my kitchen during the holidays. 

christmas cookies.jpg

There was a time though that I began wanting to make room for some healthier recipes as well. The problem was that I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t exactly have a half an afternoon to spend searching the internet for brand new, healthy recipes especially around holiday time... It took me forever to finally make the time to find some awesome healthy recipes.

And I want to share with you!  

If you are like me and you keep saying, “Yes, THIS year I am going to try a healthier recipe,” well, then look no further.  


I have gathered up 5 amazing holiday treat recipes that are easy and healthy! (Aka Win-win!)

Pick one and give it a try! 


1. The Food Babe’s Classic Real Ginger Cookies. If you aren’t already familiar with the Food Babe take time to check her out but also don’t miss these awesome, wholesome-ingredient cookies. I can almost smell these baking now!


3 types of cookies.jpg

2. Health Nut Oatmeal Cookies. These cookies have a good balance of “naughty” and “nice” ingredients. Sure you have some sugar and flour, but also hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and wheat germ. You definitely should not feel guilty about this recipe! (Click here.) 


3. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Detoxinista has a ton of recipes that I love. This recipe just sounds divine. You get all the healthy goodness of pumpkin and spices plus the indulgence of chocolate chips. Let’s be honest, everything is better with chocolate chips!


4. Paleo Chocolate Peppermint Coconut Macaroons. (My natural family) This is a raw ingredient recipe with lots and lots of shredded coconut (yum!) so they are easy to make and a fun one for the kids to get involved with. I haven’t made this one yet but it is on the top of my list for cookie making time!


5. The World’s Easiest Cookies from Elizabeth Barbone. Um, easy? Well, then it has to make the list. I found these cookies by accident while cruising the Nom Nom Paleo site. When “easy” is in the title you kinda can’t go wrong. (Click here.)


And there you have it!


This is a great starter list to help you introduce a healthy cookie recipe to your cooking baking traditions this year. If you have a favorite to share, please drop it in the comments! If you try one of these recipes, I definitely want to know how it goes!  Don’t be shy, drop a comment! 



The Holiday Wish List of a Healthy Mom (kitchen edition)


The holidays are here again and it is time to think about GIFTS!  


Sure, gifts are not what the season is all about but they sure are fun. And if you don’t mind my confession here, I love to watch people’s faces when they unwrap a gift picked out just for them.  


Of course choosing just the right gift is not always easy.  And sometimes, moms like us who are trying to live our healthiest life, can be tough to shop for. 


So for the healthy moms in your life or for ideas for yourself, here are some of my current favorite holiday wish list additions! (The kitchen edition!) 



1.  Instant pot

So many moms already swear by the convenience of this kitchen gadget. Watch for some pretty great deals on this tool for making healthy meals so much easier! 



2. Spiralizer

The easiest way to make healthy cooking FUN for the family is the spiralizer. Creating string zucchini, sweet potatoes , beets and more makes mealtime so much easier when kids are involved. Get the little ones in on the process and it is a win-win for everyone! 



3. Salad spinner

An absolute necessity for anyone who stocks up weekly on fresh greens. Not only is this great for cleaning off your greens, but once spun, your greens can remain in the spinner and used as short-term storage, making them last a little longer. I can't live without mine! 


4. Bees wax wrap

Make your kitchen a little more eco-friendly by using Bee's Wrap instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. I wrap food for my hubby in it that he takes to work daily. It is so easy to clean, dry and then re-use! We absolutely love it! 



5. Matcha green tea set

This is something I gifted to myself a while back and still can't fully explain how the process of making matcha green tea with a set like this is one of the calmest practices in my day. This is the easiest way to put stress aside and practice a bit of self care, not to mention nourishing yourself with the many health benefits of matcha green tea. 


6. Immersion Hand blender

This is one thing on this list I personally can't believe I don't own yet myself. For soups, sauces and even blending drinks, the immersion blender seems like a must have. Since I have a small kitchen I hesitate to add larger items, but this essential tool can fit right in a drawer, taking up less space. This seems like a great addition to any kitchen!  

Wishing everyone a happy season of gift giving! 


P.S. This post contains affiliate links,if you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.