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Monday, September 9, 2019


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ShopRite of Hamilton

1225 NJ 33, Hamilton, NJ


  • Discover where to find the healthiest choices in the supermarket

  • Learn more about food labels.

  • Make Healthy Choices on a budget. 

  • Receive tips and guides for healthy shopping. 


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Kick Your Sugar Habit

Sunday, October 6, 2019


Location to be announced 

Hamilton, NJ

IN THIS workshop you will:

  • Understand why you crave sugar

  • how you can kick your sugar habit without depriving yourself

  • Make Healthy Choices that control that sugar demon

  • Leave with tips and strategies you can use immediately! 


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New events for the Winter & Spring of 2020 are in the scheduling phase and will be announced soon! 

If you would like to make arrangements for me to speak at your event, meeting or group, please contact me via email: Michelle@realmomsrealhealth.com

Here is what people are saying about my workshops and seminars:

One of the most significant parts of working with Michelle is the accountability she gave me while I worked to create new and healthy habits. Not only that but she would also walk me through any setbacks. As a result, I easily make healthier life choices for myself and it is reflecting on my family. Michelle is a loving and caring coach who loves and has passion for helping other. I have recommended Michelle to all of my friends and family. Health coaching is for everyone because it is not only about food. It is about overall health and well being.

- L.M.


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been just feeling great and healthy! I feel much happier with the weight loss, stronger and healthier with my daily food changes, and my energy level is high! I would describe Michelle as amazing!! I feel like I have made a lifetime of changes in only 2 sessions! Michelle is inspiring, motivating and easy to talk to. She helped me implement changes I have been struggling to make on my own for years.

- Heather N.


Michelle is the best! She attended our moms' club playdate and gave a very informative & interesting presentation called Eat the Rainbow! She taught us about the benefits of eating a variety of colored fruits and veggies each day and also taught us about the dangers of large amounts of sugar consumption. We had a great discussion and learned a lot just from her presentation! But after the presentation, we invited the kids into the room to get hands on and actually "eat the rainbow"! Kids were given a checklist with all of the colors, filled their plates with fruits and veggies of each color, and checked off each color as they ate it. Everyone had a great time, ate healthy, learned something new and left with full bellies! 

Thank you to Michelle for being so motivating, informative and for taking the out of her own busy schedule to educate and inspire our group to be healthier! 

- Jennifer G.


I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with you July 2nd Sugar Blues Workshop! Besides being very informative regarding the effects that sugar has on our body, brain and overall health, I was also impressed with the simple behavior modification techniques and food alternatives that were presented. Also as we enjoyed the wonderful food buffet that Black Forest provided, I had some great conversations with a few of your personal clients who have overcome and are making great strides in battling their own personal challenges. What I see for myself is how motivating you are without benign forceful or judgmental. And of course, every recipe that I have gotten off your website has been delicious! Good luck on your upcoming workshop!

- Margy C.

Thanks so much for hosting such an informative workshop on SUGAR! (The Kick Your Sugar Workshop)  helped me realize that my cravings are based on my emotions and keeping those in mind when I go to grab a sweet treat is a great way to think about whether I really need something sugary or just a "check in" with myself. Thanks so much for your tips!

- Katiusca G.


I had a wonderful experience in Michelle's Breakthrough (Coaching) session and joined in her Kick Your Sugar Habit tele-conference.  She provided wonderful insight on how I can change my life with small easy steps.  These small easy steps became bigger steps and I have changed my daily habits.  I see the positive results daily.  Michelle is so positive and never pushes.  She was sensitive to my thoughts and feelings.  She related with everything that I said.  Michelle is so passionate in helping others live a healthier lifestyle.

- Maybelle H.


Thank you for the Kick Your Sugar Habit webinar. It was information I already knew BUT a good reminder and a great tool I used to bond with my daughter this evening! She listened to the call with me and I saw the light bulbs going off when she realized she is creating sugar habits of her own and now wants to change them! The webinar was a great way to reinforce ideas that are important to me to my daughter, who is getting to what I can only refer to as the "I'd rather listen to someone besides my parents" phase. It was great to dial in to a "wellness authority" who could present ideas in an interesting manner and have my daughter pay full attention! When will there be more "things I want my pre-teen to do but she'll never take the idea if I say so" webinars!? Thank you again, you rock!

 - Heather K.


As always the information shared during the Kick Your Sugar Habit (workshop) was very helpful. It was presented in a clear, concise manner... You have an instinct to know where to give support when one is struggling and where to give the proverbial kick in the ass to focus on the goal. Thanks again for caring.

- Lois H.

Michelle's New & Healthy Habits workshop was a great opportunity for me to check in with my habits and take inventory of the little things I might be doing to sabotage my health without even realizing it!  Michelle's presentation really helped me to identify my priorities, and gave me a few simple, totally manageable strategies for making positive changes that I could easily incorporate into my day to day life.  The workshop reminded me that health isn't just about food or exercise (although both are very important!), but also about stress management and taking the time to do little things for ourselves every day!  I would (and have) recommended Michelle's workshops to all of my friends!

- Corey W.


It was our great pleasure to host Michelle at Black Forest Acres Hamilton Square.We had a great crowd turnout and the information that was given out was very well done.The people were entertained and engaged throughout the entire workshop.Michelle was on the money with her ideas and it was terrific working along side her.The people that showed up gained valuable knowledge and also walked away with a lot of great info and samples.We are looking forward to having Michelle back many more times in the near future.

- RUDI, owner and operator Black Forest Acres Natural Food Stores